so i come home and i find out they searched my room .

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  1. So I stay at school till 5:40 and Mondays and wed. So my mom being anti pot nizza decided to 'clean my room up' and I get home eat and go up stairs and I saw my room way to neat , and knowing how they are they probably searched my room. So I check my spot were I hide them and nope my wraps and blunts and an eighth is all gone. So I'm here ticked off and my mom pretending nothing happened. So here's my question I'm ordering a bong of gc and this what im getting . so i need i help , is there a box or like a case that the shape of a rectangle and is small to fit in a hidden place ( ill post pictures were im hiding it , its hidden underneath my drawer which you have to remove the slider and and the cardboard box that under it . so can someone post a link were to buy the the case? and if it has a lock . to make matter worse she even had the audacity to pretend nothing happened. btw im 18 im starting college soon and can't wait to move out.


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  2. i would ask for my stuff back. Were talking about a eighth here. 
    She already knows and she already has it. It wouldnt hurt to ask and talk about it already. Ur 18. Be a man. No more hiding shit. 
  3. Dude she threw it away , i checked and its not there and also ' she also anti pot' like she thinks a gateway drug which will lead me to shooting up heroin and crack.   
  4. Hide better bro. When my mom started taking my weed and throwing it out i took little things from her and threw it out. She eventually realized what I was doing and stopped taking my shit. Lol Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  5. isnt there a small lock box i can buy cause im a buyying a bong and ill go ape shit if they broke it and threw it away . 
  6. first mistake is putting your stash in a drawer. come on man, youre more creative than that. find somewhere that even a cop wouldnt find. 
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    Yeah, I'd imagine there'd be some lock box you can buy. Idk where they would sell them tho, look it up bro And yeah, drawer is a bad spot. I keep my stuff in my closet in the box of a rope ladder that you use to escape your house if it's on fire lmao. Doubt anyone would think of looking there Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  8. Thats a bummer man I feel your pain when I was sixteen my mom found my stash and a pipe and turned me into the cops said it was for the best! F that I was pissed we didn't talk for a while. Over all I would just talk about how great it was medically. you know all the legitimate scientific stuff I'd leave documents laying around on how safe it is and how its actually not habit forming and everything it heals from arthritis to curing cancer. Most likely she has arthritis so say to her wouldn't it be nice to never ache again and that she throw away the cure for cancer while big pharma spends millions of taxpayer money federally funded to them. You could be drinking a fifth of Jack every night 
  9. This happened to me too bro I had some seeds I kept and a smoking apparatus I kept with them in a bag by my dresser. I had gone into the hospital and my mom decided to clean my room and threw them out and pretended like she didnt know what I was talking about. Not only that but I had some old notes strewn about that I needed and she threw them all into a a box in my room jumbling everything up. She put a bunch of stuff in the garage and I had to go and get them.
  10. Move out - end of story
  11. not that simple as that. i starting college and than im going to san jose state which i need help money wise. 
  12. Happened to me all the time :ph34r:

    The only thing my mom ever brought up though was beer cans. She never found my weed, but pipes, homemade bongs, pill bottles, and medical bottles.

    She'd never say anything. It got to the point were I came home at 12am.Couldn't find my pipe, walked in her room and was all lile "Alright, where's my pipe!".
    Then stop smoking weed in their house while you're sucking off their teat.  
  14. Dont smoke at there house , i smoke at my friends but i cant left my stuff over there . 

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