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So I cleared my MFLB Stem and smoked the vape resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheWhiteLighter, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. [quote name='"BuddhistBrian"']Is vape resin better than bowl resin?[/quote]

    Vape resin is somewhat similar to a hash "oil", obviously not as good as a real oil, but better then all the ash and tar in bowl rez. :smoke:
  2. i broke my glass stem :(
  3. That HASH! •_•
  4. what i do with mine is get a little piece of bud that can fit through the stem. has to be a little big to squeeze in there to get all the resin out.
    i just put the mini bud and push it through and throw that one little nug in the mflb and i'm baked.

    haha i tihnk it's perfect for one session :)

  5. You, Sir., are a genius. :yay:
  6. from my understanding the resin is lik rso or sbo vape extracted oil, theres also a co2 extraction
  7. Is it true that afghani gold seal comes with a donkey stamp on it and that means it has donkey shit in it? I heard that gets shipped toU.S, n other places, lol could be wrong but sounds funny,/ nice hash though
  8. I just tried this five minutes ago and I'm ripped.  :yay:
    Take a q-tip but remove some of the cotton from it so that the swab is slightly smaller on both ends.  This way it doesn't crack your stem as you push it through.  After it comes it out, remove the cotton that contains the oil and vape it.  Works like a charm.
    I feel like I just found a nug in my pocket.

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