So I cheated...:( or :)

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    So this weekend was prom and our grade went after prom camping. It was dope with just over 200 kids. We took a fucking limo up and the whole weekend was off the fucking wall.

    Sooo I have a girlfriend and we've been dating for about 3months ish. I don't what happened but I am not sexually attracted to my girlfriend anymore. I want to break up with her but have not done it yet.

    So were chilling in my buddys tent (one of the biggest ones that anyone brought) when this cute girl I know comes in to chill and blaze my buddys brand new 420$ roor(its fucking awsome)

    Now I kinda knew this girl from school but not really but I always thought she was sexy and shit. I'm fucking krunkkkk and one things leads to another and I ask for a back rub. She puts her hand under my t shirt and starts giving me an amazing back rub( I'm in pretty good shape so i have a nice muscular back which she must have liked)

    Eventually she's like my turn and I'm like ok. So I do the same instead of a casual shirt rub I go under her shirt and start giving her a back massage... I constantly am feeling her bra strap on the back of her back. I start to edge my fingers on her breast with each passby getting closer and closer to actually cupping her breast. She's just lying there enjoying it and not saying anything so I go all in and start fondling her breast. Then we start making out and shit real steamy.

    At this point my brain is exploding with such a sinful pleasure I AM LOVING LIFE. Shit continues and we do other shit and I tell her I have a girlfriend and shes like "Woooooow" and I'm like it dosent even matter.

    So afterwards I felt pretty guilty but at the same time I can't say I regret it... I know its the biggest douche bag move but the sexual pleasure is fucking amplified when ur not supposed to be doing that shit.

    So basically what do you guys think of cheating, I never have before but I must say it a fucking rush and a half.
  2. U didnt cheat on her? U rubbed her back and touched her tit... not cheating in my handbook... yeah if i were u girl I'd be pissed, but it aint cheating.
  3. If you don't like your gf anymore why don't you break up with her already? Doing shit behind her back is immature and is only going to cause her more pain.

    When will men...I mean boys learn? :rolleyes:

    Break up with your gf and then fuck around and do what you want.
  4. First and foremost, you should have never told the girl you were hooking up with that you have a GF..incase she starts talking and the word gets out...I would break up with your GF if I were you because your not really into her anymore.
  5. I don't know what's worse, you cheating on your girlfriend or that I got semi-hard reading that.

    But for real, you should break up with your girl then you are free to do what you want because if you're not attracted to her there is absolutely no reason you should be together. And yeah, guilty pleasure is hot, but you kind of have to ask yourself if you're the type of person that can continue doing what you're doing knowing that you are hurting someone else in the process.

    Best of Luck.

  6. Agreed. I don't see why anyone who cheats can't come to this simple conclusion.

    If you're cheating you obviously don't want to be with the person. So, why even be with them?
  7. break it off asap. wont last in college when shes getting rammed by frat dudes :D
  8. cupped a titty and told her ya got a girl! lmfao my man next time just don't do it simple as that temptation is sweet but just let it pass you by.
  9. I'm still curious as to why you didn't fondle her puss?
  10. haha. this is cheating? How old are you?

    Yeah its wrong. Just break up with your girl, stop being a douche.

  11. learned through experiences. i hate to say it but all the girls ive dated ive cheated on... that shit will come back to get you in one way or another
  12. Completely and totally agree! I mean, it's an asshole move, but all it takes is a 30 second phone call saying (Sorry, you ain't hot to me anymore, we're through) and then at least you wouldn't have been cheating...

    Fuck cheating, that makes the other person feel like they're worthless, and if you were with them in the first place you should have obviously somewhat cared for them. Like I said it's not the best way, but a 30 second phone call and you could still say you've never cheated before...

  13. For the FUCKING WIN!


    I was thinkin the same shit!!

    And OP. U need to break up with yer girl. Plain and simple.
  14. I think that it would have been the right thing to do to break up with the other girl first, but whatever, man. It's natural to want to get with other people, if I am cheated on it wouldn't be a big deal as long as they come home to me, know what I mean?

    Then again, I'm gay, so take what I say with a huge grain of salt. Girls are weird and emotional and 98% of the ones I know are fucking manipulative bitches and deserve to be cheated on.

  15. This is the realest comment on here......Im still trying to figure out wheres the cheating part:confused: The thingz you did are as common as handshakes in 2010!!
  16. Wait. Why the fuck would you want to go camping after a prom.
  17. If that's cheating than I just broke at least three girls up at the dance I went to last night. You should break up with your girlfriend though, it seems obvious that you want to pursue other girls anyways.
  18. Why the fuck not?:confused: That would be badass, certainly better than what I did after prom.

    Anyway, as for the whole cheating thing....who cares, you're young. It isn't habits that you should develop but I mean shit dude, you're probably barely 18 years old, it's not a big deal. I cheated on my gf so much when I was dating her, yeah that makes me an asshole, especially since she still doesn't know about most of the times. But I mean shit, all I wanted to do at that age was just have sex have sex have sex....I tried to talk my gf into threesomes and what not, I mean I was just all about the sex.

    So to say an 18 year old is gonna cheat.....OOOooo big deal :rolleyes:
  19. If you mofos would read the post, lol, it says that he played with her tits and then did "other stuff". I assume the "other stuff" is what would be considered cheating.
  20. well...ya.
    you feel guilty for a reason.
    Your conscious is telling you to take you self out of a situation you dont want to be in.

    you should just break up with her cuz you know, what happen wasnt cool.
    I'm sure you dont want hurt her and fondling is a step in the wrong direction.

    switch the situation around.
    what if you were in a serious relationship and ur girl initiated a sexual back rub with some random dude...

    If you beat that dudes ass, it would be completely understandable.
    so do the both of u guys a favor and just end it.
    n im sorry,
    i hate lying,
    but if you dont have to tell her about the fondling part.
    as a girl...
    just break it off n be on your marry way.

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