So i broke my girlfriends Bong...

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  1. So Me and my girfriend are having a night in, taking shots and hitting her bong in the kitchen while we make dinner. Love was in the air... as well as a good bit of smoke :p and we were about to sit down to eat. I move out of the way so my gf can take the bread out, but when i do... my clumsy ass backs into the counter and hits the mouth piece knocking it off the counter and into the deep bong eating cavern between the fridge and counter top. So basically, I fucked up in a few ways at once haha.

    Anyways, im buying her another one to replace it and could use some advice.

    It was a Sheldon black Bubbler with a diffuser downstem, its the most basic bubbler they sell.

    She payed around 180 for hers and i need to get something of similar size and style as well as quality
    (i don't know much about the Sheldon black company other than the bubbler she had hit amazingly)

    I included a picture for reference, the body of that piece in the picture is almost identical, but hers had a diffuser instead of a perc.

    Help me get out of the doghouse guys! Thanks! :wave:

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  2. you have a plethora of choices.
    and the perfect price range to get something really nice.

    i would just ask her straight up if she wants another bubbler or a bong.
    spend the same amount of money she did because if shes heady, then shell know if you went cheap on her piece.
  3. I definitely wouldn't try to go cheap on it, i want her to have a decent piece. Your right, ive been shopping around and have found hundreds of bubblers similar to hers in that price range.
    I suppose at this point its a matter of what company i want. I was actually looking at Sheldon blacks website. I fucking love some of their bubblers. i might just buy her an upgraded one like the one she had as an extra sorry. What kind of reputation does Sheldon Black have compared to other more known names?
  4. Sheldon black is really awesome glass. He owned Roor. Buy her a sick sheldon black bubb. Equal if not higher quality that the US roors if that tells you anything
  5. buy her a big ass sexy heady bongg and match it with some high grade bud and you could turn this bad situation into a reaally really fucking good situation
  6. Did just the mouth piece break or the whole thing? You can buy replacement sheldon black mouthpieces. I have the same bubbler from sheldon black, it really is a great piece! I paid 180 for mine as well. Sad to hear yours is broken. :( Wish you guys well in finding a new piece!
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    you wont be disappointed.

    i ripped a beaker bottom SB piece, like this one:


    it was amazing. i would say their bubblers are the same.

    you got me looking at all their products, im jealous.
  8. @OP: To answer your question about the quality/history of Sheldon Black, they are a reputable glass company that has been producing glass at least from the 90's to now. I'm fairly certain that the label was bought out, but the only thing that really has changed is the up-tick in production, new labels, and new perc designs that are more in line with what you see from other companies.

    The bubbler that you posted is a common Sheldon Black bubbler, found in a variety of shops. I'm fairly certain you wouldn't have a hard time finding one just like it.

    Good luck.
  9. buy a "B. Wilson Glass - Clear 6 Arm Bubbler" runs for $200 on A L T and it is way better than sheldon black. If you want to spend more, i would buy the 2012bc showerhead bubbler for $275. you can find that on bit freak glass

    checkout youtube videos to make the decision
  10. Hey bro, read the thread and feel for ya man... Just be lucky youve got a chick that's down to chief! In no way am I affiliated with this company, but you should check out Armor Glassworks out of KC, Mo. They have super nice custom shower head bubblers that come with some beautiful heady bowls... I love how thick the can/tube is and how thick and precise the glass was blown... They've got a video on Facebook of them smashing a bong against a wall w/o it breaking.
  11. Wow i didn't know that thanks. Im pretty sure im going to my local shop and pick her up an upgraded Sheldon, i had no idea how awesome some of those bubblers are. Im moving into my new house in september so ill probably pick on up for myself too as a housewarming present :p

    Thanks For all the information guys! Cant wait to see her face when i present an even better bubbler than her old one, fully packed. :bongin:

  12. For sure man, the little lady can take bigger hits than me sometimes haha.
  13. And yo GTx1 i just watched your signature for about five minutes straight. haha

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