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So I bought weed off craigslist...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Laughing Grass, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. So I went to my bro for weed like I usually do but he said his dealer was getting married on the weekend I was coming down. So all weekend im down at his house and I remember this dude that responded to my craigslist ad a few months ago. So I call him up and he says he can get me some mid's for like $160....im like thats way over priced and so I got him to knock it down to $100 after letting him know by making small talk that im not some dumb punk....anyways I get the weed and it looked like mid's but its got orange hairs on it and some white sticky shit (trich's)....so I'de say its some high mid's...anyways I bought a piece while I was in va with my bro and I broke it in with this shit....man half a bowl fucked me up so bad. Im still a bit stoned from that bowl but its not as intense as it was...still nice and toasty though and its been an hour and a half....im gunna smoke a cig and watch fear and loathing right now....i might take some pic's of it as soon as I load windows xp tomorrow on my pc....i fucking hate vista.
  2. how much did you get for $100?
  3. Congrats man. How did you word your ad on Craig's List?
  4. on the craigslist for my city you can search for weed...there's online dispensaries and dealers too..lol
  5. Looking for bud bowl tickets section 420 row D or something like that. And I got a little over half a zip...i put it on the scale and it was 18 grams.
  6. what part of va man?
  7. Luckyyy man.

  8. exactly what i was wondering
  9. You are lucky you didn't get raped.

  10. hahaha!
  11. I was half joking, but seriously, meeting random strangers for an illegal transaction via Craigslist is basically like playing Russian Roulette. Eventually it'll bite you hard.

  12. Agreed:smoking: be careful
  13. ^^ This
    Thats comparable to fucking a prostitute raw-dog. You just don't do it.
  14. I bought weed off Craigslist before. I set up a meeting in a public place and got there about a half hour before I was supposed to meet the guy to scope it out. Everything worked out fine.
  15. 100 for 18 grams is too expensive man fuck that dealer. unprofessional
  16. you should have got an oz or so.
  17. Exactly what I was thinking....
  18. I can see the thread fine, you guys are crazy.

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