so i bought something from abercrombie yesterday..

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. ...i still feel like a materialistic sell out after being in the store for a whole 3 minutes.

    i didn't buy any of the sweat shop made absurdly overpriced clothing;

    i did buy a bottle of abercrombie fierce cologne.

    i have always thought fierce smelled totally awesome. i went to work that evening and this one chic that i rarely ever talk to was like wow you smell so sexy.

    the smallest bottle (which i bought) costed like $30 but i think it's worth it.
  2. I was going to buy that and I feel the same way about AF (AE or Hiollister) too, but I went with the Acqua Di Gio instead.
  3. yea i buy my all my stuff froom ambercrombie and ae but ill think different about buying there shit from now on beacause of the sweat shops
  4. Lol. I usually shop at Fred Meyers >.> Oh yeeeaaah.

    But I know what you mean about AF and AE. Hate those places.
  5. AE is ok. But I really dont like AF and that Hollister. Hollister is just gay. Sorry if any of your wardrobes are all hollister, but my opinion still stays the same.

  6. I own more clothing from the Salvation Army, including green pants I wore to my junior prom...
  7. my cologne o dea cannibis

  8. thats not something to be proud of and I have aqua di gio to, but some one stole my fucking back pack at the beach that it was in.
  9. Why wouldn't you be proud of wearing Salvation Army? I love Salvation Army clothes. What's the point of buying some jeans pre-ripped and pre-stained? Yeah I'll never buy into that clothing fad, it'll just change in the next year or so.

    All I wear is Hanes White and Black Medium Tee shirts, and Wrangler jeans. I'm cool enough.:p
  10. Oh man, I remeber when my friend dropped his 150$ bottle of aqua di gio, smash. At least his bathroom smelled good.
  11. Nothing beats second hand stores. I've found kickass pants there before.

  12. Some of my fav clothes come from the Sarmy or out of the closet.
  13. if the kids are high 24/7 in the sweat shops, i say good for them. if not, it's just plain ridicule
  14. i shop for clothes primarily at thrift stores.

    they just have some of the best shirts and pants i've ever seen.

    and were else can you fill 3 bags with $20 on clothes.
  15. some of abercrombie's clothes are worth the money. mainly the 'dressier' collared shirts. Theyre made quite well and fit perfectly... I usually cant get that type of fitment with some cheaper brands.

  16. Hahah true that I never shop at any of those stores.
  17. i could never wear second clothes thats just gross. I like rocawear, sean john akademiks collared shirts and stuff like that. right now im wearing a short sleeve rocawear collared shirt, akademiks shorts and white on white air max's.
  18. the shopping experience at abercrombie is just horrible. The music is so fucking loud, everyone that works there is so fucking lazy.

    The only way someone could enjoy shopping in there is if they were rolling.
  19. this is the main reason why i hate hollister and abercrombie that take ripped up jeans and sell them for like 120 bucks :mad:
  20. every time i go there i find that i feel so out of place....i'm always dressed in stuff the people shopping there would never wear, mainly b/c i'm a really random person. Last time was a charlie brown shirt. Sure...who hates charlie brown? i bet no one in there would ever be caught dead in a charlie brown shirt.....fucking deuschebags....i find 'im like a XL in everything too, even though i'm not that big lol

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