so i blacked out last night...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by illadelphin, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. in my blackout state last night.... i bought a penis extender :eek:

    hopefully i can get a refund. if not, i expect a 9.5-10" penis

    god damn, am i stupid. :laughing:
  2. Care to explain further man :laughing: I don't get it

  3. i drank a fifth of makers mark and a few pints

    stumbled home from downtown Fort Collins, and apparently in my drunken stupor i spent 250$ on a device which is designed to extend and widen my penis.

    i just.... i just.... don't know any more

    i mean apparently this thing has a 6 month money back guarantee minus shipping and whatnot. what's to lose? oh that's right.. 250$

    WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?! 7 inches isn't good enough?!
  4. Hahahaha it happens man. Good news is for 250$ you should get at least 2.5 extra inches. you can be called godzirra then

    That's fucking expensive though, it thought pumps were nothing but cheap plastic
  5. Book Ranch?


  6. it's not a pump....


    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    seriously... what the fuck.
  7. A string a some weights would get the same job done i would think.
    And for a lot less than $250!

    Thats crazy though, do we even wanna know where the hell you found one of those at?

  8. well i must have searched for it on google or something. seriously, what the fuck...
  9. Sounds to me like your drunk split personality thinks you have a small dick and a large bank account to fix it.

    I recommend a mirror, some boxing gloves, and a fifth of vodka. Always does the trick.
  10. Haha i cant even tell how that thing works?
  11. looks kinda scary..

  12. i hope it comes with instructions :laughing:

    planning on using it and getting my money back anyway.

    just the thought of returning a used penis enlarger makes me laugh so hard
  13. In other words:
    [ame=]Liar Liar (8/9) Movie CLIP - I'm Kicking My Ass! (1997) HD - YouTube[/ame]

    Skip to 1 minute mark....
  14. dude those work so well omg

    uhhh it was on manswers and they said that...

  15. hahaha are you fuckin' with me? or do they really work?

    either way, we shall see. i'm just pissed at myself for doing this, probably getting a refund soon this is just stupid.

  16. No. The only thing that really works is surgery, since most men have a couple inches of ligaments up there that can be cut and lengethened. Think 3-5 inches longer than u are now and that's what you could be with a Simple surgery.

    It doesn't effect performance at all, just moves the dick down a bit. I don't recommend it though as having a big cock isn't all its cracked up to'd think women would like it since porn brainwashes people but it doesn't work like that in real life.

  17. hahaha i'm not insecure about it at all. never had a complaint :rolleyes: i wouldn't mutilate myself just to add an inch or two.

    i can't believe i spent that much on this thing. what the fuck..

  18. Yeah, we'll don't feel bad.i once bought a fleshlight to test it out. But preparing it takes just as long as a real pussy and if u don't warm it up, it's cold as fuck.....necrofelia anybody?

    Best just to use the five finger discount, ie, your hand.

    Nothing cheaper.
  19. Worst drunken mistake of the week goes to........


    Congrats on your new penis enlarger mang!

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