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  1. Hey everyone. I am in the very early stages of starting my first grow. I am in the phase where I gather information and pace walk, thinking I'm in over my head. I plan on finishing my grow sometime near the end of fall. I am not smoking now, I'm trying to find a new job but I've always had an unstoppable urge to grow and I've decided to "fuck this uncertainty, I'm diving down the rabbit hole."

    I have a Secret Jardin on order and a secure location for operations. I'm ordering some Romulan from Attitude to hold onto while I finish research. My first grow is going to be two plants (fingers crossed) and while I find a lot of answers thanks to videos and these forums, I still have many questions.

    First off, how does the grower monitor and adjust humidity levels within the grow room? What is the ideal humidity level? I think I have my air control planned nicely, with a carbon filter/fan for exit. For entry, do I need a clean air source to ensure air quality within?

    How often should I worry about the level of cleanliness inside the grow chamber? Obviously, I should keep an eye on things but with water, dust, and my own hands/clothes entering the chamber what are good rules of thumb for maintaining a clean space?

    I'm sure this will be the first of many inquiries so any help is appreciated. With time I hope to be able to return the favor and share my experience(s). :hello:
  2. You can adjust it with a dehumidifier or a humidifier depending on conditions. Most the time, unless your humidity is really high or really low, you don't have to change it.

    Any air is clean enough.

    There aren't. It'll get messy, just clean it.

  3. QP, welcome to the forum & don't worry about thinking you're over your head, admitting that is the first step in getting right side up!!! You really should think this through, read, research, draw up your plans, make lists, walk it through, build your grow area, THEN plant seeds.You'll get lots of good advice on here, free for the asking. On to specifics:
    Humidity- generally 50% is a good safe number. Higher than 60% increases the chance of bud rot. Most people rely upon a good air exchange to control humidity. That's fine if you are exchanging conditioned air from inside your home (answers the air entry question). Air conditioners control humidity very well, if it's warm enough to run them. Dehumidifiers work too, but add to the heat in your grow area. If you are drawing air from outside be sure it has an insect net covering the inlet into your grow area.
    Cleanliness is important but you don't have to be anal about it. Keep dead leaves picked up, sweep / vacuum regularly, and a good deep cleaning after every round will keep your grow area happy.
    Never go into your grow area after you've been outside - hiking, walking in the park, mowing the lawn, etc. Spider mites love hitching rides on clothing. For that matter, never take anything into your grow room that was used outside - stakes, string, utensils, other plants, etc.
    Some growers keep a special outfit that is reserved exclusively for the grow room. The special outfit all of a sudden becomes a great idea after you've fought spider mites or some other pests. Not a bad idea but a big hassle & most don't do it (me included) - use reason.
    KEEP PETS OUT!!! Strictly off limits. No cats, dogs. They carry mites, plus animal fur tastes like $#i+ in your buds.
    Bestaluck to ya, now go get busy & get ready to do it!!!

  4. Welcome!

    Humidity on a grow is the least of your worrys. If you run heat or ac you will always have low humidity. The nature of both removes moisture from the air. You can get a humidifier cheap and place it near your grow. Get a thermometer that includes humidity and adjust it accordingly. Like I said though thats the least thing you have to worry about theres a billion other more pressing things in a grow. As for a clean air source..whatever air your breathing in is just fine.

    How often should you keep it keep it clean inside your grow area? Well why would it get dirty? Not that hard to pick up some leaves that may or may not fall off.

    If you start off with it clean theres really no reason for it to be dirty..nothing really happens in there to create a mess. That mess would have to be created by yourself. If theres some dirt here or there on the floor nothing really to worry about.
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    Hey, thanks. I really appreciate the helpful responses. I don't want to be anal because that would just be unhealthy but I need to try and go as "by the books" as possible. These tips are leading me in the right direction.

    I am in an apartment, what is the best option for supplying usable water and avoiding possible softeners in my place?

    As for nutrients, I planned on getting a Foxfarm 3 pack from Amazon because quite a few members agree that Foxfarm knows their stuff. How often to I need to supply the plant(s) with nutrients? Is there a way to gauge which nutrients are needed (without burning holes in pockets)?

    My space is somewhat small so I planned on getting an elevated slab from a garden store to place the pots on in the chamber. I'm doing this so when I'm watering the plants, the excess can flow to a tray at the bottom for removal. The idea of taking the plants out and putting them back in seems like it could be stressful. Is that a good plan for watering or are their better ways to get the excess out quickly? Thanks again guys.
  6. I would suggest you read all the stickies the top of the forums and google some grow guides.

    Tap water is fine all Ive ever used.

    For nutes well your soil generally will provide you with all the nutes you need for the first 2-3 weeks. After that once a week coinciding with a watering.

    As for Nutrients and what you need. That nute trio your talking about is considered a base nutrient package. All the other stuff that they sell are supplements. What you get and need is up to you.

    Taking your plants in and out of your grow area is not stressful. Ive done that for years. I use my tub to water them. Let the run off run down the drain.

    Your plants are not feeble things. They dont really require babing.

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