so i beat up some kids today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by joeho318, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. and it made me feel pretty good

    but lets get things straight i'm not really a violent person but if someone pisses me off, most of them regret it.

    anyway my little cousin is 16 i dont know if this is allowed to say but he just started smokin and wanted to get a dime for himself so he went to this older kid prolly 17 or 18 but i guess everyone thinks he's a gangster lol

    so my cuz tries to buy this shit and this wack ass bitch and his punk ass little "homie" take his money and this guy jacks my cuz in the jaw and took his wallet as well

    now my cousin is shaken up, not knowing what to do so he turns to me, he knew where this punk was at so i told him i'd handle it

    i roll up to some random neighborhood park where this guy hangs out at and low and behold he is there with some of his buddies

    when i saw him i got infuriated and just forgot that i just wanted to talk to him and intimidate him so i parked and came toward him, yelling at him, telling him about my cuz

    i then told him to give me the shit he fucking stole he said fuck you i dont have shit

    so i hit him right in the nose and he folded like a little piece of shit

    but heres the funny part, his little buddy grabbed me and was all like WTF:eek::eek::eek:

    so i hit him too but he just ran like a bitch, there was this other guy there but he just stood there like he was gonna piss himself so

    this bastard was laying on the ground and he did cough up my cousins money and shit

    so i told him if he ever fucked around again and i'd kill him

    i know i should've handled things differently but i dont have any brothers or sisters so my cousin is kinda like a little brother oh yea

    and i bought my cuz a way dankkkkk 8th so he would be ok:D

    violence does solve problems after all lol
  2. Props on having your cousins back bro but watch out I dont think we're aloud to talk about beating people up and what not.
  3. lol cool shit dude :D i been lucky enough to never have to do that
  4. Hell yeah, thats how you do it! made him feel like the little bitch.
  5. Lol, Nice! Damn i would kicked him in the teeth.
  6. well i probably would have but ya know i'm not really a violent person i just hate when people cross me or my fam or friends for that matter when you dont do shit to them

    just random crimes its fucking bullshit
    i feel like a vigilante
  7. yea man i would have done the same thing in an instant, me and my bro arent tight, but hes blood and i have no problem taking care of things for him if need be.
  8. +rep on standing up for your cousin

    and for hookin that ***** up with a nice 1/8th :hello:
  9. hm I think you have to tell your cousin to stay away from sketch ass dealers

    I feel so bad for him but at least you handled it i guess

    but i've never had to beat anyone up haha guess I'm lucky
  10. +rep bro

    thats the way to do it.:hello:
  11. thanks everyone for siding with me on this

    for some reason i thought some people would be like :eek:

    you beat people up?!?!?! lol

    I'm definitely more relaxed though since I rolled a nice ass J :smoking:
  12. You should just have your cousin pick up from/with you. There are too many sketchy dealers and asshole little kids out there. You should show him the way and maybe hook him up with your dealer(s).

    +rep for kickn some little bitches' asses:hello:
  13. Nice, and when I first read the title I clicked the tread being ready to dish out some neg rep, but after reading the story, I'd say the crime suits the punishment. I would have done the same thing.
  14. even though he's my cousin, he is young and cannot get access to my connects anyway he has to learn sometime

    i actually told him to go get some brass knucks or a blade to keep on him just in case

    glad to see your with me

  15. Hell yea, if someone messes with someone in my family, I'll make them regret it. Whether it's beating the shit out of the person or stealing their girl (hard but I HAVE managed it before), I make sure to get even with the fucker.
  16. good job, everyone needs to let the little punks that they cant be running around fucking people over
  17. And self respecting man would do the same for a family member, good move +rep for you
  18. Good job man, karma definitely got to him.

    " ***** it's fam bam, recognize, this real shit
    Family over hoes, and family over scrill bitch"
  19. If you think about it, violence solves everything.
  20. I wouldn't go that far :p

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