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So I am new to my area.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AppleCity, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. lmao now that's funny
  2. Seems like given your situation, the best bet would be to find somebody through work who tokes, then smoke with them. Don't even try to ask about buying any, just ask to smoke. Once you smoke with them, you're pretty much set. Explain to him/her your situation, how you are trying to get a small amount or w/e while the wife is out of town, and see what they can do about it.

    Honestly though, I have zero experience as a retail store owner. This shit sounds good in my head right now, but I'm not in a sober mind state and have no clue how it would actually play out.
  3. that is the hard part though, I don't want to just start asking people who are customers and shit. I don't need that being spread around town that I am a pot head store owner. Many wouldn't care, but there would be many that would. I wish I could just find a college kid with closed lips and looking to make some extra cash, but how to find him is my question.

    so why is going to the porn shop and feeling them to see if they sell it such a bad idea. I am sure they hook up customers, and probably have a way of selling it.
  4. Think about it. Even if they do have weed and sell it, I guarantee they only sell to people they know very closely. They probably get a thousand dummies a day walking up in there trying to buy weed. I don't think they would take it very kindly, at all.

    If you wanna find a college kid with closed lips, I suggest going to look near or on a college campus. That's where they tend to hang out.
  5. yeah i get that, i have guys asking me to buy steroids all the time. I don't give a shit that they ask, but even if I did sell them I wouldn't give it to some guy walking in. I was still hoping there was a chance.
  6. Get a hoody and a beanie ($15 max from your local thrift store) and just go for a walk around 11 at night. If your town isn't dry, you should stumble across a few guys smoking, just make a joke or ask for a light, and ask where the trees are. Shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm a fellow straight-edge clean-cut 30+ entrepreneur, and no one thinks I'm undercover. As long as you're genuinely genuine, it shouldn't be a problem. I've met tons of fellow MJ connoisseurs - unfortunately they all say the same thing, that this town is dryer than an empty glass in the middle of the desert.

    Good luck bro.
  7. You say you own a retail business? I guarantee you one of your employees smoke. Find them. I used to sell to one of my bosses...she was in her mid 40's, with a husband and kids.
  8. Do you have a job? Ask co workers if they blaze then offer to smoke them out if they can hook you up with a connect.
  9. #29 AppleCity, Nov 19, 2011
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    lol, it's kinda funny that i'm in this situation now. Ten years ago I was a small dealer and would sell to guys like me now. I would sell enough to smoke for free, that was about it.

    yes i own a business. like i said, i don't want it to get out that i do this. lose lips sink ships, so I don't need lose lips talking about me doing this, just sayin
  10. lol, will a wisconsin badger hoody work? I may try this. I do live in WI though, and it's cold and raining, so I doubt I will have much luck. This the reason why i want to try porn shop
  11. Sounds like you need to grow.

    A lot of headshops will kick you out for even saying bong. Asking them were to find some won't make you look any less undercover. They're not going to risk their job/buisness/wellbeing to help a random customer.

  12. Anywhere near the slopes? Every single one of my snowboarding buddies (including a couple that relocated to WI) smoke da herb, so they are always up for hooking you up. They are always easy going and relaxed about it too, so you should have no problem approaching them. Wear a ski jacket if it's raining, you'll fit right in!

    Packers hoody is always a winner I find. Those cheese-heads are usually pot-heads too... ;)
  13. do you workout? im sure you can run into a few potheads at the gym lol
  14. I live in the Fox Valley (Appleton Green Bay area)

    I just met a guy who got out of prison a few months ago for selling drugs (he just came in my store). I was going to ask him, but I figured he is prolly trying to clean up, lol. And his wife and kids were next to him.
  15. I do workout. but i don't want word getting out that I smoke pot.

  16. Wtf? Mine are polo by ralph lauren. You do realize that is what most young kids wear right? You sound stupid.

  17. Oh okay. So you basically want us to tell you a magic way to find weed? If you want weed go ask people. If not then keep doing what you are doing.
  18. just go to the bars. when a song comes on that references weed (like Sublime or something) then make a little suggestion to someone. it's happened a lot where someone puts their hand up to their mouth and does a fake "puff puff".
    control the jukebox if you're that desperate... the smokers will emerge from the crowd...
    if you have no friends where you're at then you might have to stereotype and look for the guy in the marley shirt, hate to say it.
    otherwise like i GOT FiRE says, you gotta stock up or something. 2 hours one way isn't that bad. or offer to pay your dude a little more for gas to meet you an hour away...
  19. Grow your own...

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