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So I am new to my area.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AppleCity, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. How would I go about finding "friends" in my area, when I am 30, dress like an adult, and probably look like a could be under cover, lol. Am I just screwed
  2. I have thought of going into the shops in my area that sell porn and pipes, and ask them. ANybody ever do that
  3. You are 30 and you say "lol" You are an undercover.

    And the best way to find "friends" is to ask people. Lots of different kinds of people smoke weed. I have met guys who looked like cops with the haircut and everything and they smoked weed. Doesn't matter.
  4. Dress down a bit and go try asking the headshop owners, I guess. You wont get anywhere looking like you're an undercover cop.
  5. i am not undercover, i just said that I will prolly have people think i am. I am clean shaven, nice hair, dress nice, all that stuff (I own a business)
  6. I would just look up marijuana cultivation on GC.
  7. and all i own are jeans, polo's. It's hard for me to dress down. And people would laugh if i walked in with a bob marley t-shirt on. In high school I smoked a lot of weed, but I live 2 hours away from all my friends i bought from.
  8. ^ Then make a 2 hour road trip
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I own a business, and that means I work a lot. I don't have 4 hours bro

    yes i'm 30
  10. Lol there is absolutely no way that you can be away from home for 4 hours? I smell bullshit, especially when you're on a message board right now, and you were planning on going to the smoke shops and talking to the people working there. Like that's not gonna take some time?

    I don't even know what you want me to answer. Yes, with an attitude like you have, you are screwed on finding bud. It seems like you don't even want to go out and get it. Like you'd rather just have somebody on here hook it up...
  11. I work retail man. Why would I bull shit you. My day is spent here 10 hours a day ever day. You're right, if I wanted to drive down there at 8 tonight I could, but I don't want it bad enough to waste 4 hours in a car for it. Call bullshit bro, i don't give a shit.

    I am not a troll trying to fuck around with people on a forum.
  12. Find someone wearing a bob marley shirt and ask to buy some bud then.
  13. Well if you want to, you can always pick up in bulk from your friends, so that you only have to make one trip for a long time (a few months or so). If you were planning on smoking once or twice just to try it, then I think you're pretty much out of luck. It's gonna take some sort of compromise from you to get the weed. Either making a trip to your friends, or getting ballsy and asking people around your new area.
  14. I do live in Wisconsin and it's cold as hell, not to many t-shirts right now.

    by the way, i like your sig.
  15. I smoked in high school, so I know what happens. My wife is out of town, and I was hoping to find some while she is out. I don't think she would approve cause of legal issues. Otherwise, I doubt she would care. If it is legalized I will start smoking regularly. I'm always stressed out, so it would be nice to smoke a bowl on my way home and be able to just enjoy the family.

  16. Try asking headshop owners? Are you retarded? They'll kick you out.

    All i own are jeans and polos too. How is that dressing grown up? Buy a hoodie and go ask people.
  17. One of my customers smokes pot, i was hoping to see him around here. But he hasn't been around in a few weeks.
  18. lol, mine aren't abercrombie or AE :D
  19. go to mc donalds and find the dude buying a shit ton of stuff off the dollar menu

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