So, I almost shot someone last night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. So last night, I was nice and hammered on my couch. I look outside, and these pricks are doing a Deal RIGHT INFRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY. Everyone around here knows not to do that shit. Well, something bad happened I guess, and they started arguing. It's like 1:30 in the morning, and they doing this shit next to my house, and now they in my DRIVEWAY FIGHTING.

    SO, Being the calm drunk I am, I stumble into my room, and get the glock. I walk outside with my grey goose and Glock in hand. I'm like, the fuck are you guys doing here, doing that shit?

    The kid pulls out a knife and runs at me. I pistol whipped him, and Nearly shot the other kid. The dealer is a real punk, known for skimping people, and that's what the buyer said. The buyer wasn't from here, and the dealer TOLD him to meet INFRONT of my house, which is a big no no.

    So, I take the dealer's money, and throw him back in the car. I give the cash he stole from the buyer ( He was getting an Oz. and he gave the kid $300, and it came to like 20 grams, that's what happened).

    The buyer was so happy, He gave me $100. The dealer has done this before, and I try being nice. But then he goes and disrespects me like that, AND tries to stab me? Yeh no, Rule #2:

    Don't charge the drunk guy whose got a glock pointed at your chest.

    Twas a good night.
  2. hahaha damn Spaz, some FTB shit right there but I believe it.
  3. well seeing your username and the title of the thread i am glad to see this played out differently then i thought before reading the thread
  4. should've called the popo...that could have ended badly for you, being drunk, if you shot somebody.

    Consider yourself lucky.
  5. That would have bee the smart thing to do.....but where's the fun in that?? haha :p

    Glad to hear you didn't get stabbed hahaha, and it was nice of you to give his money back, did he keep the bud too?? Fucking punk dealers man, they gotta learn people aren't gonna like them very much if they skimp....especially 8 g's out of an Oz.....
  6. Nah, I gave the money to the dealer. I found a couple hundred in the dealer's car. I gave the buyer like 2 oz's of dude's bud, AND his money back. I told the dealer if I see him NEAR my house again, He's dead.

    Not calling the cops. They would say I was involved, and with my past, I would be fucked.
  7. I woulda shot him.
  8. ditto boosh.

    i would have shot the dealer in the foot and went back to the couch. let the buyer do the rest.
  9. If you shot him, you where defending your property, and you could probly come up with something with the buyer to keep him outta trouble as well, i mean its not like you woulda had to kill him.... I dont think he coulda stabbed anyone with a hole in his kneecap....
  10. haha thats awesome man!

    good for you
  11. dude =rep for defending yourself. more people should quit getting taken advantage of . (yes i know that its not their fault but they have the choice of which path to take to defend myself or to hope the cops or someone else will help them)
  12. Defend yourself, but be careful. Especially when you have alcohol in you, I wouldn't wield a loaded gun. One mistake and what you initially intended as your own protection could end with a dead guy and years of your life in jail. Any time I've envisioned myself shooting people, it has always been a defense situation where I shoot some motherfucker in the kneecaps to teach them a lesson. Of course, this is only a glorified idealogical situation. I live in canada and have never fired a gun so if I found myself in that kind of situation i'd probably shoot myself in the kneecaps by mistake instead. lol.

    Still, sounds like it turned out all well and good, but I can't pretend to enjoy threads that are about users nearly killing others and throwing their lives away.

  13. You guys are retarted thats the most bullshit made up drunk story i have ever heard in my ENTIRE life. You pistle whipped a kid charging after you with a knife? BS, and then you gaev the dealer money and gaev the kid you smacked in the face with your glock his money and weed back...dude just stop..
  14. the weed police! HELL YEAH!:hello:
    come pistol whip everyone around here with the dirty brown so I can get some good smoke!
  15. If only Steven Segal smoked. Nice one!
  16. you should get rubber bullets..


  17. Yo -rep Bro. ( I'm drunk, but here's an attempt):

    First of all, I pistol whipped the DEALER. He Came at me with a knife. Since you're new, Here's a bit about myself:

    I got shit in the chest 3 times in Newark, during a bad deal. My boy took the fourth shot, AND DIED in my fucking arms asshole. I spent a year and a half in Jamesburg Juvie.

    Second of all, Try reading my post, And you'll get it. I gave the money to the kid who got ripped off.
    Third of all, Don't call my fellow blades Retarded. You ain't been here but a minute, so back up. Re-read my post and understand what happened BEFORE you post, you won't look like such an asshole.

    I apologize for the name calling dude, I'm just mad hammered. I've been holdin' probally before you was born. DON'T call me a liar. I've been many things in life, but I NEVER been a liar or a narc. In the stoner culture, Being a liar and a narc is the lowest of the low. And as a dealer, dude has certain concerns. Beating people is NOT something that should have been going on, especially in front of my house.

    Bullshit? Believe what you want man. I've got SOME credibility here, and most people I assume believe me, and it's fine if you don't. Just don't barge in here with that attitude and call me a liar.

    Mad hammered or not, name-calling doesn't float. *RMJL
  18. I'm glad that skumbag bag dealer got some steel to the head's fucked up he'd tell him to meet you infront of your house thou
  19. x2

    Where have you been Spaz? We've found a new, cooler you. ;)
  20. if the dude charged me, i would have shot out his fuckin kneecap

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