so i almost burned my house down friday night

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  1. So friday night, I snuck out of the house to go drink w some friends, as I commonly do. I stayed out til maybe 4 in the morning, and when I get back to my room, the top of my dresser is billowing with smoke and my room is completely filled with it. Turns out I'd left a candle on, and it had burned all the way to the end of the wick, which was resting on a wooden block with my matches next to it. The block caught fire, which set the matches on fire, and all of it burned to a crisp. Somehow my poster, which was literally inches from the blaze, was unharmed, and the wall and ceiling in the vicinity just got a little smoke damage. Luckily the dresser itself didn't burn, cuz if it did the house would have burned down and my whole family would have died and I'd be returning home to a heap of ashes. And that would suck.

    I told my parents what went down, minus the sneakin of course, and my dad was pretty cool about it. my mom freaked out tho, but we calmed her down. lol. Dodged a major bullet there tho, i gotta be more careful.
  2. Lesson learned? always blow out candles.
  3. yeah, it was the one time i thought, fuck it i'll leave them going. def not lettin that happen again.
  4. I agree, that probably would suck a bit.
  5. damn, well at least u stopped it before it got really bad. cant imagine comin home to a burning house..
  6. That happened to my friend before. His mom left a couple candles lit, she went out and came home to fire trucks. They then lived in a pretty sweet hotel for a month though.

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