So I actually went to Amsterdam...

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  1. I always knew Amsterdam would be an amazing place to visit. What i didn't know was that it would surpass my expectations, exponentially. Within 5 minuets of stepping off the train i was greeted by the all too familiar smell of weed and i knew from that instant Amsterdam was my kinda city.

    Me and my buddy from New Zealand where staying in the 'cheapest hostel in Amsterdam' in the heart of the red light district. I was slightly apprehensive when the animated check-in guy said we where staying in a 10 bedroom dorm. But my worries instantly evaporated when i met my roommates.

    Our dorm consisted of another New Zealander (male), and Australian (male) two attractive American exchange students(female) two Scottish guys, although they where greened out in their beds 90% of the time and two Canadian college students (male).

    Me and my buddy had instant chemistry with the American girls. So we got one each which was cool because the girl to guy ratio was kinda out of whack. Anyway, the entire dorm went on a pub crawl on our first which night. A pub crawl in A-dam involves paying an entry fee of 10 euros which entitles you to free shots for the first 30mins you spend in every bar. Needless to say, we where all totally fucked by the first bar. There where 6 bars.

    No one from the dorm remembers the whole night, but we all remembered enough to fill each other in on the bits we couldnt remember ourselves. Apparently at the 3rd bar i started doing the gangman style dance in front of the entire bar.

    By around 4am we all managed to make it to the dorm and proceeded to do the unmentionables i somehow scored on the way back to the dorm ( i didnt actually remember getting them) and stayed up until sunrise. Needless to say it was one of the best nights of my life, probably only surpassed by out last night in A-dam but i dont have time for that now.

    TL;DR: Amsterdam = epic as fuck
  2. Cool story, bro.

    Like, sincerely. I will definitely go to Amsterdam before I die

    But what's this 'dorm' thing. Like, why do you share with random people? o.o
  3. Nice, sounds like you had a blast! I would love to visit Amsterdam and don't mind sharing a dorm especially with gorgeous females and chill dudes.
  4. I loved Amsterdam.. so much that i went twice! i just smoked my face off in all the coffee shops tasting their bud and walking round amsterdam high as fuck lol didn't do any crazy partying lol
  5. Ive always wanted to go! I hope I will one day.. No, i KNOW I will ;)
  6. Sounds like you had a great experience and luck running into those females! Iv only been to AMS once, and unfortunately (?) I don't remember much of it lol. Perhaps a good sign, because I do remember I had a great time.

    The only down part with Amsterdam is the variation of quality and the personality of most natives I ran into. I really don't get along with most Dutch people I have met.
  7. Did you fuck them?

  8. How do Dutch people act?
  9. did. you. fuck. them. ?!?!
  10. They like goooooooolllldddd
  11. I think this is where me and my girl may go for our next vacation.
  12. Fuckk readding shit like this really makes me wanna go there someday
  13. Sucks that theyre making weed illegal for tourists next year.. or so ive been told on this site
  14. As a Dutch citizen I can tell you that no such laws are already in effect. However, they would like to do so in the future, but it's all just rumour right now..
  15. They've been saying that for 4 or 5 years now that I remember, maybe even longer. I doubt it will happen though. Do you know how much revenue they make off of tourism? They're not going to just throw that away.

  16. Its basically a bunch of bunk beds in big room. Thats why hostels are so cheap

  17. its not going to happen. trust me.
  18. Those hostels are always dope as heck. Some of the best people I have met.
  19. nice man, did you fuck em?

    im gonna go to a-dam one day
  20. Some of my most memorable moments I can't remember are from the 'dam. Glad you had a good time, man!

    In my opinion, hostels are an amazing way to travel. Granted, my travel style sees me sleeping in the dirt a lot. It's an amazing way to meet other travellers from other cultures and, more applicable to GC, it's a good way to network and score some green.

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