So I accidentally killed my first animal while driving :[ (Blazedddd while writing)

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  1. So I had just departed from my friends house. We were having fun ya know? Playing pool and watching UFC. Was a great time. But I decided to leave and go home for some sleep. I was driving down the road that I previously lived on. (also the road my friends house is on) I come to a railroad track which I am very familiar with. You get this peaceful, calm, paranoid mixed feeling when you come to the railroad tracks at night. It is pitch dark and you also have to stop at a stop sign which makes the experience a tad more exciting. After I continue driving down the county road, I pass my old house that I lived in about a year ago. I am breathing in so many good memories from that house. I presume driving past my old house and up the road. Through the darkness I see a faint glow moving around in the night. I don't think much of it. I thought, "It could be anything. I'll keep driving." As I neared this glowing object, the sight I saw was horrible. It was a happy little possum scurrying around on the road looking for food I assumed. I gasped in fear as I tried to straddle the little creature with my car. I managed to straddle the possum with my two front tires. I smiled for that split second thinking I had spared the animal's life, but what I heard next brought me to tears; a loud thump in the rear of my car. I slowed down my speed to a slow 30 Miles Per Hour. I drove in shock and sadness barely being able to concentrate on the road. I stayed driving very slowly for some reason. I could not believe what I had done. Even though possum's aren't the cutest of animals, I still took its life away. I thought, "He was probably out searching for food to bring back to his little possum family, Or maybe he was just hungry himself." I still see and hear the terifying experience even though it was almost twenty-four hours ago. I took the life of a helpless little possum :(. As I was driving, I was reapeating to my self, "I tried so hard... I tried so hard not to hit it..." I felt like complete dirt.

    I never thought I would hit an animal, But I guess that possum's time was up, and I had to be the one to take his life. He's probably in heaven right now looking down at me smiling because he is in a wayyy better place. He doesn't have to search for food now, god has scattered the whole floor of heaven with tasty steak's and pork chop's for the possum to feast on as long as he wants.

    The End.

    Yeah so I'm really high right now and I thought it would be a good idea to tell a story of how bad I felt when I accidentally killed a possum.
  2. Well think of the brighter side, atleast it wasnt a massacre of the whole possum family.. You felt bad and thats what mattered, its life and its better you got it out of your system before wanting to go crazy on a homeless guy walkin down the street for food.:smoke:
  3. at least you feel bad about it, man. i'm sure the majority of people who cause roadkill don't even think twice about it.:(
    kudos to you for having a heart, bro, don't feel too bad about it... shit happens.
  4. I've ran over a possum before. It was really dark and I saw his eyes on the side of the road and when I was about to pass him he darted in front of me. Then I thumped over him with my tires. I didn't really feel bad.

    But I also figure I hit bugs with my car all the time. They're just as alive as that possum and I never feel bad. The only way I would is if I hit someone or someone's pet.
  5. no offense, but I consider that a little insensitive. I'm a tough dude most days, but I have the softest of soft spots in my heart for animals. That doesn't mean im a vegetarian.
    But I'd feel the same if I did that. I have a hard time killing a bee, let alone a creature like that. It wasn't your fault, and if it hadn't been hit by you trying to avoid it, it probably would have been hit by a douchewad who was TRYING to hit it for cheap thrills. These people infuriate me to the core. I damn near decked the "lead singer" (note quotations) in a previous band of mine earlier this year for going out of his way to hit a squirrel while I was in the car. HE was the only person in the car happy about it. I damn near tear up seeing dead kitties on the road. I just can't help but think "What if that was my cat, that I've taken care of, bonded with, and loved since 2002? How would I feel if that was all ended by something so sick and impulsive as someone trying to hit him?"

    No worries.
    I send good vibes your way. and +rep for having a soul.:hello:
  6. good u feel bad about it man. good thing it was just a possum that there are tons of in the wild. much better that then someones pet....
  7. wow man i would of hated that too.

    never killed an animal while driving though "knock on wood"

    well written story too, i was on the edge of my seat.
  8. ILY :eek:
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    Some animals i think try to get ran over. One time my buddy was driven to the bar im in the passanger seat and a cat ran out from a park car right under his front tire like it wanted to die, nothing at all my friend could do. Quick death tho my friend drives a big ford expo.

  10. did you eat it for your dinner :O:O FAT CUUNNTT :L:L:L BLAZED OOT MA MIND IN COLLEGE :cool:

  11. maybe you should be sober, where you can control your caps lock, and do your work in school.
  12. You definitely have a good heart, and I find that very refreshing. There was nothing else you could have done, you made a valiant attempt to avoid him :(

    I am glad I'm not the only one that feels the way that you do about life. Cannabis has opened my eyes to many things. I believe that animals are just as alive as you or I. They are mammals, and so are we.

    It was an accident, and accidents happen. You did everything you could man.
  13. man i'm the same way, i get upset if i think i hit a frog.. it's nice to know there are others out there.
  14. For some strange reason, still to this day I remember back when I was maybe 10 and I was up in N.C visiting my grandparents like I did every summer.

    We were driving down the road and I saw an animal in the middle of the road that looked to be sitting up. As we drove passed it slowly as to not hit it, it was a possum sitting there moving his head from side to side with blood on its snout. He just had this expression of what the hell did I do to deserve this and it's stuck with me ever since and I'm 29
  15. Once while stopped at a stop sign, I looked over and saw a turtle crossing the road so I put my truck into park and carried the turtle to the other side of the road.
  16. You guys must be depressed people if hitting a damn possum ruins your day. It's a fucking possum!! It's brain is the size of a peanut, it probably didn't even comprehend what was going on at the time.

    I'd hate to see your reaction if you hit a deer someday.
  17. wow i cant believe i actually smoke the same plant as people like you :/
  18. Because running over a possum doesn't ruin my day?
  19. I agree, its not that big of a deal, it happens all the time and like he said the possum's brain probably didn't even know what was happening. Also if you met that possum outside of the safety of your car I promise you, you would want that mother fucker dead, they are some mean ass animals. I've had possums come up 15 flights of steps to my back porch and try and make it theirs. One of them not only charged at my cat, but when I went outside with my rifle to run him off, the dumb ass tries to charge at me all the while hissing like crazy. Trust me, you probably did a good thing by hitting him, and i'm not trying to be mean but if little things like hitting an animal bother any of you that bad my god your gonna be devastated when you grow up and find out how the world really works.
  20. So if I put a bullet in the back of you skull before you knew what was happening it would be alright?

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