So hungry

Discussion in 'General' started by livelaughlearn, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. its exactly 4:00 AM and i am fucking hungry and i have no real food in my dorm........
    my meals today consisted of instant noodles, jell-o, crackers, gatorade, and cold pizza

    college ftw
  2. bummer. I hear ya, all i had was pizza bites for lunch at work.

    I do have some food in the house, but right now I'm feeling really good, and I don't want to cook, or loose any of my buzz from eating.

    idk, i am so damn hungry though
  3. this is just one of those times i wish i was a baller and had a waiter and cook to make me food on the spot.
  4. The only thing I ate yesterday was a donut, and that ended up being vomited out my bedroom window.
  5. I think I want some Ramen noodles now

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