So hows your night going? Cause mine...

Discussion in 'General' started by Live_Life, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I was burning under a gazebo, felt great but wanted to move to a better spot around this huge lake (it has a track around it) and it's a half a mile away. So I finally get there and there's sprinklers all over mah main bench ._. So I'm just sitting in a patch of grass a few feet away waiting and it's been like 15 minutes! I feel like the people if they see me I'll just look like a homeless person since I'm in a camp hoodie lol. Ah shot I was feeling so good too! This next bowl was supposed to make me baked but now it's been 20 minutes and counting... How's your night?

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  2. I wish I could be sitting out next to a lake and not be freezing! Haha. What are you doing with the rest of your night?
  3. good.  it raining here so I've pretty much just been inside. Blazed a bowl like 15 min ago and I'm feel in good.  watching a show called counting classic cars on velocity
  4. Shoulda stayed at the gazebo

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  5. Won 60 dollars tonight and saw a pretty good tribute band. So it was a decent night
  6. It's saturday, I'm off tomorrow, and I'm high as fuck. I've got Netflix for the Walking Dead, GTA5, GC, my dogs, food and Sweet tea.  We just gained an hour for daylight savings.  It's a pretty good night.
  7. Man, memories! reminds me of the time me and the homies smoked at our gazebo by the hudson.
  8. Work 9 hours go to class for about 4 then come home and the damn bathroom drain is clogged. I need another bowl after fixing that cluster fuck

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  9. Tonight was awesome.

    Last week I quit my job for a closer job, today the owner comes in and tries to give me a raise fore to stay, I denied saying 'I'm quitting here because new job pays more with less hours'. I felt good denying him the raise, because I know he will shoot a higher number come this Friday when I pick up my stuff. Anyways, new job is 3 minutes away, current job is 30 minutes away. I'll save about 300 a month just on gas.

    Got a quad of GDP, just took a shot and ready for some BOWLS!!!
  10. LOL OP you sound so high in your post LOL

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