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So how was grasscitys memorial day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, May 26, 2009.

  1. Did anyone do anything out of the ordinary today?

    I went out to my aunties lake house today, rode the shit out of some jet skis, had mad fun.

    Fucked my shoulder up kinda, when I went flying off it at one time.

    helluva time though, helluva time. :hello:
  2. Chilled with some friends, blazed and played some ball, nothing different really.
  3. No different from any other day... hopefully a lot of blades did some bong hits in memory of those fallen soldiers...
  4. Normal workday for me.
  5. Chilled, hit up a few blunts. Ate some bangin ass burgers on the charcoal grill at the house. Put some some pepperjack cheese on em. :devious:
  6. Hells yeah I ate like 9 hamburgers today.. Literally!
  7. went to monterey with friends for the weekend and got trashed, but I spent my actual memorial day driving back to SB.

  8. hell yea bro, fucking delecious!
  9. ate a grip of good home made bbq and watched the lakers lose.
    also my cousin gave me 10 grams of some old dank for free.
    saw alot of fam
  10. I texted something to the effect of "So you didn't want to say goodbye before you left?;)" to my female shift supervisor tonight when we were closing down the store tonight. She had already left and I was in the back helping another guy wash dishes. I've been developing an attraction to her and thought I was getting some signals.

    I'm an asshole.
  11. Took the fam out to eat @ Lucilles Bbq today. Had some bomb ass ribs and tri tips and smoked chicken. Been home since. Once the food came down i cleaned the fish tank. I was lagging it for a while and now the water and ph is good.

  12. Aaaand did she text ya back? Whats the deal with that?
  13. Well I've been flirting with her (at least I think it's flirting) at work and I'm pretty sure she was getting bothered by it until recently so I thought I would send it. I think that it was too much. She's older than me too.
  14. unfortunately i had to work this memorial day. but it was still awesome. i have about 3.5 grams of some good mids right now so i decided i would smoke my buddy out at work. we didnt have anything to smoke it out of so my friend ends up making a sweet pipe out of the cardboard from a giant tape roll and other cardboard pieces piecing them together with produce price stickers. the pipe looked like one of those old tobacco pipes. it actually hit pretty good too. anyways our managers left so we just spent the rest of the work day stoned it was pretty sick

  15. Shoulda thought that through. Dont come off too strong.
  16. yeah, I'm an asshole and pretty immature for a (less than about 20 days) 21 year old. But moving out of my parent's house is going to definitely help me mature but I'm pretty sure I just creeped this girl out for a long time. I'm definitely sure she lost a lot of respect for me as a person/friend/coworker/employee. I lost a lot of respect for myself because I thought I would never do that (again).

  17. i had a terrible memorial day.

    my mom told me that i shouldn't come to the family reunion this weekend [so i didn't], right when they got home she kept asking when i was leaving [since i live away from home, i was just staying there for the weekend], so i left; and my brother was talkin shit about me to my dad, about how he hates me and how he just basically doesn't like me. [my dad was being the voice of reason too, gotta love him, even though it was a failed attempt]

    so yeah....thanks for REMINDING ME

    lol jk
  18. i woke up and forgot it was memorial day. i still had to work. dropped my last bowl of weed on the carpet. caught my cat hump'n my dog. nothing to interesting.
  19. i reunited w/ my father who i hadn't seen in damn near 9 years... and he got to meet his grand daughter for the first time. pretty emotional day actually..
  20. I ate hamburgers today too!!!! Home-grilled juicyones with spicy mango sauce...
    man I feel like getting leftovers at 2am...nvm thats gross..icecream is a better choice right now.

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