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so how much does it take?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iamkush, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. so ive been smoking for a while now, and ive been wondering? how much does it take to get YOU high? if im by myself, i can pack a bowl, smoke it and be pretty blazed. but if im with friends, we definitely light up many more bowls than the amount of people that are smoking it. So what i guess im saying is do you generally smoke more youself personally when its with other people? and how much when youre alone?
  2. Well there's like a kajillion of these threads, but if I'm by myself I pack my mini glass bowl and get 4-5 hits out of it and I'm feelin alright. Pack another and I'm high. One more to get me to a 7.
  3. 4 marijuanas.

    For realzies, about half-a-gram. I typically smoke more when I'm with others.
  4. Depends on the method,
    If I'm ripping my bong, ill pack a nice full .3 bowl and that will get me feelin bakedd.
    If im hitting the MFLB one full trench still gets me nicely high
    from a desktop vape, I use a DBV and one bowl pack gets me very high, its so efficient.

    Ever since ive had my own place me and my buddies have stopped going out to sesh, smoking just an ongoing process that happens throughout the day.
  5. After i spent 2 weeks hitting up a gravity bong it took me 6 bowls out of my Bongs BIG BOWL
  6. When i'm by myself i can smoke a ten bag to myself, more if i'm feeling like it. So 1g or slightly more.

    When i'm by myself i get to about 7/10 most times.

    With friends we'll finish off an 8th, so 2g, every now and then we get 3g and finish it, or 4g a quarter and have a wake and bake with the leftovers.

    I smoke with 1 maybe 2 other people.
    For about, well just over a year. Last 3 months its been 3ish times a week, nice bud too not mids but i wouldn't say top shelf dank, but not too far off.
  7. Smoke a whole ounce to the head man
  8. like a 0.6-0.7 face blunt
  9. When I smoke, about .5 will get me ripped. When I vape (which I do ritually now), about .2-.3 will get me ripped and still be able to vape it later and get ripped again. :D

  10. I'll raise you 2 marijuanas

    Then we can totally go do a bong.

    To answer op though me and my friends can pretty easily put away an eigth in a couple hours down by the river.

    I personally can get baked from a good bowl pack.
  11. Well after a week of daily toking having not smoked for a couple months, I'm taking .3 rips of highgrade and getting pretty nicely baked but I could rip .5 to feel more blasted if I wanted. If I were to roll 1, I'd probably roll a gram super joint or a 1.5+ blunt but I wouldn't feel as ripped as taking a .5 from my bubbler. Tolerance slowly rises usual.
  12. The gf bought a dab setup a few weeks ago and apparently our tolerance has skyrocketed because we smoked two bars and barely felt it.

    On a normal day a few bowls will have me bakkkkkkked
  13. All depends but recently when i'm not smoking much some how i'm getting quite buzzed off like 0.2 which is crazy, usually it takes me like 0.4-0.6 to get a nice buzz on the go and 0.8-1gram to get royally fucked....
  14. I normally pack about .2, .3 in my no2 vaporizer and it gets me pretty cooked. Maybe a 7/10 - 8/10. Somedays I'll just put in .5 and be on cloud 9
  15. [quote name='"BUfinest"']
    With friends we'll finish off an 8th, so 2g, every now and then we get 3g and finish it, or 4g a quarter and have a wake and bake with the leftovers.


    ....2 gram eighths?
    ....4 gram quarters?
  16. Well, in my case, I have a piece that I bring whenever I'm going to be with friends, but when I'm by myself I use a one-hitter. I'd definitely recommend them for personal toking. They conserve a BUNCH of weed and still get you lifted. They're really cheap too.
  17. Im not very new to smoking (been smoking regularly for ~1 year) but I manage to keep my tolerance fairly low. I usually smoke about .15g to get high and a quarter gram to get stoned.
  18. .15 grams is basically nothing

  19. It is .15 grams.
  20. If there is weed burning in the vicinity, by the power of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, I cannot say NO to the accceptance of getting high

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