So how much do genetics really matter?

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  1. i'm just curious, because I got some bagseeds that I want to plant that I got some from reggies. It looked like the plant was just harvested too early and not cured well. I am confident I could grow this plant and come up with a better product than I'm smoking now.

    But it got me thinking, do all strains of weed have the same potential for dankness where it relies fully on growing technique or will mids stay mids?
  2. I have heard that 10% of the potency is controlled through the environment you give the plant, the rest is genetics. I can't confirm this myself but I do know 100% of yield is controlled by the environment.
  3. Bag seed can be decent enough. Certainly better than the bag it came from. Now, genetics does play a large role in potency, your regs most likely wont grow primo dank. You can grow some decent regs though. I pulled mine a bit early but got a qp from three bagseed plants that is better than the regs around here.
  4. If your seed has the genetic potential to grow bud with 20% THC, you will never get 21% out of her, but you may only get 10% if you don't grow it right. On the other hand if you plant seeds from a bag that is 10% THC the seed may have more potential if grown right.
  5. ^Agree. Potency/quality is like a chain, and if any of the links are weak then your quality will suffer. Conversely, if all of the links are strong then you will get the best possible quality from that plant.
  6. I've seen it done. Not myself personally, but i've followed a few bagseed grows, that come out to some real nice primo
  7. Genetics mean a great deal, but if it had seeds you could make it better simply by growing proper... Who said yield is 100% enviroment, is 99% wrong...
  8. So the environment you give the plant has no effect on its yield? okay.

  9. Sure environment matters, but just like THC, you can only push a plant to its GENETIC limits...plants have predispositions, be it flavor, effect, look or yield...

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