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So how many times have you had lighters jacked in a session/ smoke circle?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CSYZERO, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever had something more valuable then a lighter stolen? I cant tell you how many times ive gotten so high and not realizing that I got jacked haha it sucks.
  2. Hundreds. And I've yet to care.
  3. Not too many actually, probably around 5. I keep my smoking circle down to 1 or 2 specific people now haha.. and neither would jack my lighter.

    In bigger circles I've definitely had some of my weed stolen out my jar..
  4. I dont pass my lighter, all my friends got lights on em anyways
  5. I'm sure I've lost 5-10 lighters at least to friends over the years. No big deal. Never had anything stolen though.
  6. My mom jacks all my lighters i leave around the house; under couch cushions, on the floor, behind pillows, lighters that fall out of pockets in dryer, fukcin lighters everywhere. Started out with 20 now only got 2 left. I always forget to put them away ):
  7. If I had a dime for every time I got a lighter jacked in a smoke session, I would be a really rich man. :smoke:
  8. my friends and I, in highschool, had a game to see who could steal the lighter. we actually had side bets and would play each sesh like a rigged poker game. good timez.
  9. lmao, im pretty sure the original question was asking if you ever had something more valuable than a lighter stolen, not how many lighters you've had stolen from you.
  10. I've had at least a dozen lighters that somehow made their way into someone elses pocket.

    Never had anything of value taken though......I wouldn't let that happen.
  11. ive lost probly 10 lighters over 2 years of smoking constantly. not really a big deal to me, $2 for another bic isnt anything
  12. Never. I wrap my lighters in barbed wire so people don't touch it.

  13. haha damn. everyone saw about the lighters in the thread title and didn't even read the post. fuckin stoners
  14. A few times, not that many though..
    I'm kinda paranoid and check on my belongings whereever I go once in a while. Pocket check, everything's here, ready to move.
    Also my circle had a guy that always stole a bunch of lighters every time he went to the convenient store, nothing to be proud of, the opposite actually, but that resulted in the group always having lighters around..
  15. Some guy broke into my house last summer and stole a tv, laptop, xbox, and all the xbox games out of my house while no one was home. We came home maybe a half hour after it happened to open doors and missing stuff so we call the cops. A cop comes and looks at what is missing and calls in the missing items to his sergeant, while the sergeant is pulling someone over for not using a turn signal literally 1 block away from my house. The cop at my house describes the stuff and says how my computer has a band sticker on it, and the sergeant notices the band sticker on my laptop and the tv in the back of the car that he had only just pulled over. The guy who robbed our shit was about to sell it to the driver. We got all of our shit back immediately and the guy went to jail, and only just got out on parole. I'm not sure whether or not this applies here.

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