so how many push up can you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Only like 25 over here :eek:
  2. i could do atleast 40 back in high school but i havent worked in a while so its probaly less now i need to stp being lazy
  3. 42 :cool:

    What I got in HS.
  4. Last time I tried I could do about 30-35. Haven`t tried in too long though haha, a couple months :p
  5. I've done a 100 strait, fuckin hard to do
  6. I just did 53 before I had to stop. Pretty weak
  7. 50 in one minute.

  8. d@t basic?

  9. purpose of life bro, nice :cool:
  10. I did 110 in a row once when I was in high school. Just did 30, 4 more sets of 30 more to go :cool:

    May be able to do 40-50 in a row now if I tried.
  11. I've maxed out at like 60 in a row. Push ups get fun, but the reptitive motion kills my wrists. :( I just recently got the iron gym pull up bar, and that shit is just waaaaaay too much fun to be a work out!

  12. damn nice br0
  13. I dont know what you are asking me.

  14. A lot of it has to do with how often you do them along with your muscular endurance...your body gets used to it if you do a lot I guess. I'm way stronger than I was then but I'm like 15 pounds more and don't do them as often so it's harder. I knew a kid who benched like twice his body weight who could only do 30 pushups in a row back when I could do 100+.

    I used to be able to do 25 pullups in a row and now I doubt I could do 10.

  15. i was asking in retarded BB forum language, "was it basic training that made you able to do all those pushups?" :p
  16. fuck i don't know

    300 maybe
  17. i just pushed the world down. :cool:
  18. None, I just fall asleep whenever I try.
  19. prob like 20 now, in HS i used to do as many as I could do then +1 the next night.. I got up to around 80 and started at like 10

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