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So how many of you are stoned right now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spwentz, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. :smoking:

    So how many of you are stoned right now?

    Sorry if this has been done before but suddenly I had this thought and I was wondering how many of the other people browsing this forum at the moment are blitzed compared to those who arent.

    If this is the worst thread ever, sorry as I am super fuckin stoned. :smoking:
  2. im so fucking stoned right now :smoking:
  3. Not stoned yed. Fighting the urge to smoke in hope of not being a burnt out mess today.
  4. im broke till thursday :(
  5. I said stoned... but more just a really nice high. :wave: to all others high(or wishing)
  6. that'd be a yes ..cannabis and coffee, breakfast of champions!! :hello:
  7. I am not, a wake and bake would be nice, but no.
  8. I personlly like the "im high" thread.

    Oh Im high.
  9. dry, broke, no income :( tbreak here I come!
  10. I am proud to say Im blazed right now:smoke:
    infact im lighting a bowl right now.....
    in 1hour taco bell opens :hello: the quest for the cheesy beef and a steak qasidilla :confused::D

  11. Same situation. I hate being dry :(
  12. trying to settle my stomach then i'll have a little WnB bowl.
  13. WOW

    I was so fucked up yesterday I dont even remember starting this thread lol

    Im going to toke, will update when i return :smoking:
  14. im not stoned atm but i will be on friday :]
  15. Stoned a good 17 hours of the day.
  16. Egad that poll is depressing but I'm doing my part by lighting, even as we speak... :smoke:
  17. I just had a nice a wakenbake session.
  18. im baked and its early morning lol. gotta work in an hour, definatly would have thought more people would have been stoned...

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