many black people do you see at "festivals"?

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  1. everyone here talks about how easy it is to get some good drugs like acid in festivals, so it kind of got me curious because that shit is non-existent around here. i live in a predominantly black/hispanic area, and i dont know a single person that does acid around here. when i went to college though, i noticed that my white friends were the ones who knew all about this stuff, and my black friends wouldnt even touch it. (not making generalizations here, just stating my black myself.)

    now that i am home and far away from those friends, i am looking for some. I hear about these festivals and have seen pictures and havent seen one black person in any of them. i would think that the environment would be cool because im sure a lot of people there do acid and psychedelics and are all about love......but i can never know because i havent been to a festival.

    the other thing is, i dont have any friends here that go to any of these things so i would have to go by myself.....and i dont even know most of the music they play there.

    so honestly, tell me how many black people you guys see at these festivals, and is the environment how i pictured it? because going by myself is sketchy enough, and being black just adds another difference.

    hope you guys understand where im coming from, or try to at least.
  2. I haven't been to any festivals myself...not really a fan of the whole "jam band" thing. But I'm sure you would meet some cool people there though.

    I went to a Tom Petty concert awhile back and expected it to be awkward but I got invited into 2 different sessions with people I'd never met before. One or two of them I still talk to.
  3. You're friends with everyone at festivals, regardless of how many people you came with. I'd like to think that with your point of view and personality (at least what I've gathered of those things from your posts) you'd have no problem fitting in and having a good time. There might be a few prejudiced people around there that are uneasy at first, but I don't think you'd have much of a problem making friends at a festival.
  4. I've seen plenty of black people at festivals, it just depends on the sort of festival you go to. Rock music is more popular in the white community, so of course you're gonna see mostly white people there. But go to a hip-hop festival, or a festival with a mix of genres you'll see more black people.

    Also, don't worry about being black at a mostly white festival, as long as you have a love for the music no one gives a damn.
  5. nice.....i didnt know there were hip hop festivals. i just assumed that they were all rock because thats all the kind of festivals i see being talked about here.

    are festivals the same thing as concerts or what????
  6. i never see black people at festivals, but then i live in maine.

    it could be that now, like in the 60's and 70's, LSD was a "white" drug.

  7. I heard of one a few weeks ago in Sacramento, they have a few out this way. And well I consider a festival like a big concert with multiple bands, and sometimes booths and art displays.
  8. thanks for the replies everyone

    i how would you go about finding acid? "ANYONE GOT LSD?!??!!?" lol
  9. yeah, pretty much. at the festivals i go to, i look for people with backpacks and ask if they've got anything.
    if you want to be discreet, ask if anyone's seen alice ;)
  10. The festival I went to had alot of hippies at these tents in one area thats where most of the drugs were at. Had nitrous hits, acid, e.. anything.
  11. I have seen black people at the festivals I have been to. If its a good fest chances are you will end up meeting someone there to hang out with. People are usually pretty friendly like that. So going alone isn't that bad. As for the acid you can usually tell who is selling it. :p
  12. How many undercover cops do you know with long hair?

    Be smart.
  13. i would never base something as important as being arrested on another's appearance.


  14. Yup, this is true.

    The people you will be surrounded by are not the type to see people for their color at all. You will have an incredible time, even if you go by yourself. Just be safe! ;)
  15. i havent been to many festivals, but i can tell you that I (white) go around and make friends with everybody when im at concerts or music fests - usually stoned as fuck, and just talk and get more high with everyone that seems chill. Color makes no difference... and i know that a large portion of people at these events are like me. Be friendly, and people will be friendly back. I'm sure there are exceptions, but aren't there always exceptions? I'd say if you can't find any friends to go with, you go alone and make some new friends while your there, too. you'll have a blast, get stoned as fuck on whatever you please, and meet some chill people in the meantime
  16. fucc it gotta do wit a color
  17. If anything being black you make you cooler at a festival especially if your rasta.
  18. Highaze where you from ?
  19. thanks for reassuring me that the environment was what i thought it was gonna be guys. I just cant stand ignorance and cant bother with being around it, so i thought i'd ask.

    nothing to me, i was just making sure that the feeling would most likely be mutual before i put myself in that position.


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