..So how malleable is perception?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by YEM, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Where does the constancy lie and what more is there to explore?
  2. care to elaborate a little more?

    If i stare at the center of that thing it looks like im watching an atom in real time
  3. agreed im high as hell
  4. i think its infinitely malleable. we each approach the world and our worldviews from a set of universal constants- we cannot free ourselves from the pull of gravity without a rocket, heat will burn you and cold will freeze you, that kinda stuff.

    then we have things common to each of us that can change. religious and political ideologies, family and friend relationships, the way we think about war and violence, or even our views on discrimination. these things help to form our perception of reality, but at any instant they can change and our perception of reality will change along with it.

    of course some people will say that we can only perceive that which is real. whether you agree with that is up to your own perception of reality

    maybe i didnt understand the question though!

  5. Just another example I suppose. Imagine reading a book, then coming back to it a year later. Surely, the book you read the second time was not the same as the book you read the first time.

    The essence of suchness is the same, the way in which we perceive it changes; thus is the essence of perception.
    So be glad to partake in any condition now, for it is bound to change.

    Reality cannot simply stay put, simply put.
  6. ya when i watch that it starts to spin and i am sober atm

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