So, How Do My Blades..Spit Game?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokePuppy, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Well every guy has a a certain move they use when they approave a girl for the first time in order to spit the game and get the lady. So Whats your move?

    For me its something like this:

    "You look soooo familiar, what elementary school did you go to?"
    If they say something from my area Ill usually go "Oh! I went to that school for a week! Haha when I was there for a week everyday I tried to go up and talk to you, well looks like I finally did it haha"

    and I use that line with some twists depending on what she says... and I just follow it from there, kinda corny.. but it works a lot! :p

    So what do you Blades, and Bladets do when a girl looks attractive to you.
  2. "hey! wanna fuck?"
  3. Hi :)

    always gets them
  4. "Wanna burn"

    if she answers in

    if she answers no...i dont want in anyways

    either way I win :smoke:
  5. i +rep them
  6. Hi my name is ....

    Works every time.
  7. *Hey :)*
    *you look really pretty sooo yeah i had to say something*
  8. I model myself for bitches.
  9. "Are those real?"
  10. "Your not as hot as you think you are."
  11. I need a more standard "line" to say. As of right now, I just come up with something good to say given the circumstances. No standard line.
  12. I replace all of my Ls with Ws when I talk. I think it makes me sound a little more mysterious.
  13. an Elmer Fudd kinda way :)
  14. ayoooooooo BUTT !

    They turn and I smack them on the ass.

    Works Id say 97 % of the time.
  15. And we all know Elmer Fudd was shooting blanks all along ;)
  16. Well I hope that pun felt good when you typed it because I just cringed.
  17. An old friend of mine once told me that if you rub your finger on ball sweat and ask a girl what it smells like she will want you because she subconsciously is attracted to the pheromones in sweat from that area. I knew it was BS, so I told another one of my friends and he tried it at the bar one night, and the girl's exact words were "....eww that smells like fucking ball sweat".

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