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so how close are we to getting marijuana legalized.

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Sadly,
    America has bigger concerns then the legalization of marijuana. So I doubt legalization will be here anytime soon. I can see it becoming decriminalized, never fully legalized. Personally, legalization isn't the answer. THINK OF THE CHILDREN ;)! no seriously, make it legal and see how far our education rank will drop.
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    yeah but i dont want to lose a job where i make 300-400 a week doing easy sowing work for under armor, thats just starting pay, i could make 500 easily in a couple months of satisfactory work. also ill get benefits in a few months.
  3. actually for 1 children can get it easier then alcohol, dealers dont ask for ID, 2 i know many people who study and take tests better high, key is moderation.
  4. very true my good sir, but i meant like 7th graders smoking. People shouldn't start smoking until 16-17 but thats just me.:smoke:
  5. yeah if it was legal they wouldnt be smoking at all unless their parents are dumb asses, most hs students smoke weed way over drinking alcohol, why cause its a lot easier to get. you just get a dealer, they dont ID. sure they could raid their parents liquor cabinet but they would probably get their ass beat. they get an allowance and the parents think they spend it on movies or food when in reality they spend it on pot.

  6. This.
  7. yes ron paul could be the answer however you know the saying all politicians lie, its hard for me to trust them cause barack obama was saying the same damn thing how the drug war was useless/should be ended and now what. hes raiding medical marijuana dispensaries
  8. this is not valid because there would obviously be an age limit to make it at least a LITTLE harder for young kids to get it

    21 would make sense to me, really. 18 would allow it into high schools easily
  9. If you only get tested every month or so then just throw down and smoke as much weed as possible the night after you get tested and chill out so you can pass your next drug test. Win?
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    Cali was no where near close in their elections. I know that
    54/46 seems close, but that's a lot of ground to cover.

    I'd bet money on it that Colorado will legalize before Cali
    does. We're already way ahead of them on regulation, we
    have a new state system that tracks everything down to
    the 10th of a gram. We're the first state to actually do this
    and we have 2 legalization bills, one of them is written so it
    would be in our state constitution.

    52% are in favor of full legalization here, if it's formerly put on
    the ballot in 2012. We don't have a huge population to overcome
    popular vote with. You're dealing with 38 million people in Cali,
    compared to the 5 million we got here. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

    The battle is far from over though, cause the Feds could try to
    squash the bill, but we won't keep lubing up and bending over for
    them. Fuck them. The state is preparing themselves because it's
    all about tax revenue and I'm sure they don't want to lose that
    money and they're sure as hell not going to miss out on getting
    more, the greedy bastards.

    We shall see in time.
    All I know is, if we legalize here, you all aren't invited and idgaf
    about anyone else's legalization problems. (LOL jk).

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    EXACTLY. I could see in the future weed being used as a tool to take tests. It blocks all incoming information(you forget shit, can't learn) and allows you to focus on the things you do remember (making connections etc)

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