so how close are we to getting marijuana legalized.

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  1. i got a job that now drug tests like every month(randomly). the only way ill be able to enjoy the occasional smoke is if it gets legalized. how close are we?
  2. I hope it gets legalized tomorrow but honestly I don't think it will happen federally for a few years or more
  3. there are certain states, like california, who are getting obnoxiously close..

    but its still very illegal on the national level, and we're nowhere close to changing that
  4. What do you do that does that?
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    its some guy who owns a company, its his company his rules. anyways ill be making a ton of money, way more then minimal wage. so money or pot, ill pick money but i wish i could have both. i will be sowing lacrosse stick heads on at $4 a head. $6 if i go over quota. an efficient person can do 4-6 an hour.
  6. I really think it's closer than most think. People (republicans mind you) are running for president that want it legal. Best case scenario 2012 I'd give it 5 years or less for something MAJOR such as federal medical, possibly completely legal if Ron Paul and company gets elected. There is already a bill in congress although if that passes it might not affect your state. Keep in mind if it does passes, it will be as good as it gets. It will make it exactly like alcohol - leave it up to the states. This is really the best for everyone including non smokers because if your some arrogant shit who hates everyone who smokes, they can go live in an area filled with ignorance like them.
  7. I dont know about legalization on a federal level but some states are really close. Some states like California and Oregon might legalize it in 2012.
  8. Were no where near it. Private interest groups of transnational corporations have their fist so tightly around the drug war it's not going to end.
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    No where? laws are becoming more and more relaxed by the minute as well as the FEDERAL bill that's already around right now. I think 16 states have medical marijuana now too. That's a lot farther than we were 10 years ago and sure as hell not "nowhere near it"
  10. Very far in my opinion. We've come a long way in some ways but I feel like lawyers and lobbyists can easily turn the MMJ programs and the ways they've effected various states into negatives...

    So I don't think just because we have MMJ it means much for the legalization cause.

    I hope it happens for my generation, but who knows.
  11. so im looking at going years without weed
  12. In Canada, we're far from close, until the next election at least.

  13. Nice! I played lacrosse all 4 years of high school, I played long pole middie. JV for Freshman and Sophmore year and Varsity Junior and Senior year. What I'm wondering is why the fuck a job like that would drug test for though?? If they drug tested our lacrosse teams in high school we would probably only have about 5-6 players haha.
  14. hey i dont own the company, i just work there, and his company his rules. i think he doesnt want to be associated with drugs so he wants to make sure his employees are clean.
  15. Ron Paul 2012.
  16. I am guessing 5 to 10 years based on the progression of medical legalization across the states. We'll get a better picture of that after the 2012 elections, as I believe a few states are planning on voting for medical then.
  17. Man who cares? I'm gonna smoke my herb no matter what. Cuz I'm too cool for the law. The man can't keep me down cuz I'm a man you know man.:cool:

  18. Yeah man that's a great accomplishment, except for the fact EVERY one of those medical states is still operating "illegally" under federal law and are STILL being raided by thug drug enforcement agencies.

    Look around you, the pharmaceutical corporations have 1200 lobbyist fighting against legalization along side of the hundreds of lobbyist from private prison corporations like CCA. Those corrupt fucks are flooding special interest groups to capital hill lobbying for stricter mandatory minimums to keep their prisons full. Who do we have? NORML? MMA? I support these organizations to the fullest but how can you expect them to stand a chance against these government fucks who are laughing while we go to jail and their bank accounts climb ever higher.

    Weve made "some" progress this past decade but nothing worth pointing to. A few of our states have come to their senses in the medical field, but what does that matter if those patients are getting slammed to the ground and hauled off to jail. Fuck that, we are not even close. Until EVERYONE myself included, go pull down white house fences and demand this civil war ends nothing is going to budge.
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    Yes it is illegal under federal law, but how is that nojt progress? Right now, if you are 18 years old and you absolutely want to smoke legally, you can. That is fucking progress. Oh and by the way patients arent raided by the Feds, and it's been less and less of raiding over the years which is progress in itself. If you don't think that people growing and smoking their own weed without any fear of being a criminal isn't progress, then I don't know what is. You should read more about it.. Just wondering, if you don't think any of this progress, what do you think is? It's not going to be magically legal one day, baby steps.
  20. In Europe there is a patchwork of legality/tolerance, most work on the stupid Decriminalised model.

    Belgium where I live it is legal to have at home and not out, but walk through a park in summer and you smell it everywhere!

    I think that the moral zeitgeist will make it legal in the next decade or 2 in many countries, mainly since, take for example the UK, the number of teenagers that have smoked at least once it is over 50% and 2 million people smoke it regularly..

    With these figures it will eventually change the outlook, many people will realise that it is not as harmful as people say. Even the UK government's own studies support this they can't keep the information down for ever!

    With the number of US states making it available for medical reasons this will also help, and the medical argument has a weakness, which is basically ill people can resist the harmful, addictive nature of green but healthy people can't, this is basically nonsense and is seen through by many. This is why proponents of not allowing it for medical use are scared of medical cannabis; it leads to lawful non medical use.

    Many things change in society over time, for example hitting and beating children in schools is not allowed in many modern democracies, although to my grandmother's generation it was accepted as the only way to discipline children. As we progress through evidence and studies we understood that physical punishment is not the best way to raise children. We see the same with Gay rights, race relations etc we can't come up with legal and moral arguments that are not based in religious overtones anymore.

    It will be much the same with cannabis and other soft drugs that do little harm and we will correct the misguided policies as new evidence comes to light.

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