So How Are My Two Little Plants Doing? :)

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  1. Hey GC guys, I have been growing a couple of auto 'AK-49' seeds, that I got on the web and they are about two and a bit weeks old. 
    I am aiming for an organic grow, as this is really more of a laugh/side hobby I have picked up than anything else. Although I don't want to spend too much money and time on them, I do want to see them succeed. I am growing them mainly indoors, in my conservatory actually, so light is very good (large vaulted windows) and is towards the back of my house as to be discrete. They seem to be growing very quickly (as does a lot of cannabis I am sure), but I ran into a few problems.
    On one of the plants, a part of the leaf became what seemed to be quite dry and started to crack. Now a few days later has turned a little bit yellow. Should this be a big concern?
    Also the leaves sometimes seem to be a bit droopy, I know that could be due to over-watering, but I have only been watering when the top 1 - 2" of soil is dry which seems to be at least everyday. I move them outside on the nice/dry days to get some fresh air ;)
    Any help would be appreciated
    By the way I live in England, so it really depends on the weather for me to put them outside haha.

  2. Ur over watering . They look a bit small fof 2 weeks

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  3. Pics are not working...
    Fellow new Englander what's up
    Yeah you are watering to much from the sound of it. Everyday? Seems a little much instead of checking the top of the soil cut a whole in the bottom and stick your finger in there. Also pic up your pots to see if they are heavy or light heavy no need to water light need to water

    Jealous I wish I had a window I could veg in...

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    That is good advice as the top soil is often dry although they do seem heavy still. Thanks for the advice bro. Haha yeah it's quite convenient I must say.
    Yeah ok man I will hold back on the watering for sure. Are you saying that impacts the growth, making it slower? It is also probably an issue that I am not using any un-natural light sources and the sun isn't always out or that strong in England for them.

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