So how about my PC just "deleted" itself

Discussion in 'General' started by Ikthias, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Was about to go play some COD4 and I noticed that my portable harddrive that I have basically my entire life on just up and vanished. Theres only a few movies, pictures, and alittle bit of my music left. all my installed games, programs and the such everything else just deleted itself. Anyone know WTF just happened? or how to fix it? and if there is no way to fix it and I gotta get back everything. IS ther a way I can prevent this from happeneing in the future. Thanks all!
  2. Dude that kinda happened to my cell phone a while ago, my memory stick deleted all the pictures and movies I took with the camera on it. =[
  3. Yea man shit like this happening is total BS. I'm fucked in so many ways. Like 100gb of music and movies and a ton more important shit on there.
  4. Ah that sucks man, did you try system restore?
  5. Yea, tried a system restore. Nothing. It quit half way thrw the restore and said that the file for the restore was deleted during the restore and could'nt continue. WTF? How does that happen? and with that all my other restore points got deleted along with it. So I can't even do that now.
  6. Maybe your comp got pissed at you toking all the time. Offer it a blunt or a bong rip and see if that helps.
  7. nothing on a HD is ever truly erased.

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