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  1. hey all,
    ive got a 400watt MH in a 2'by 5'by 5' closet grow. the hood has a built in ballast so it gets pretty hot. there is a fan inside hitting the hood. there is two 4" tubes with fans brining cool air from the bottom and one fan blowing air out at the top and a passive vent at the top. i threw a gauge in there yesterday and it was +90 degrees. what are some more steps i can take to help this out. the plants are mostly uneffected by this, but it still must change. im looking for inexpensive solutions, but anything will help.

    Thanks a Bunch
  2. Peace fam. Yo, so like I live where the outside temperature is currently 105 degrees F (and getting hotter as we proceed into summer). So naturally, electrical bills for my 2-bedroom apartment can reach astronomical levels this time of year, due mainly to central air-conditioning costs (okay, well, the electrical output of my laboratory chips in as well). Anyways, there's this new product that just hit the market a matter of a few months ago, and it fucking works like a goddamned champ:

    Ice Box Heat Exchanger
  3. The way you explained it sounds as if you have two 4'' ACTIVE intakes? am i correct?

    If so you can try and move those 2 fans and use them to exhaust. then only have PASSIVE intakes. plus you are guarenteed negitve pressure with this set up.

    It sounds as if you dont have enough fan to REMOVE the hot air. 2 fans on intake, 1 fan exhaust with a passive exhaust, sounds like trouble right up front.

    use passive intakes and try to expell the air closest to your lights first you already have 2 fans to work with now

    Hope these ideas help!
  4. have you tried that yet. ive been having trouble with my temps because i have my setup in a shed outside and its been getting pretty warm during the day. i run a 400w HPS with CFLs along the side of room. its been around 85 deg and want to bring it down. its coming into summer and its going to get worse so a quick reply would be amazing.
  5. Dark

    I saw those a couple weeks back..... you have to have a water res, 1/2hp water pump and some other stuff to get the water to the ice box. Looks A LOT more expensive than just $135 and change. IMO
  6. thats correct i have two seperate intakes. i will be adding a fan on the passive exhaust today and try to get some pics up by tonight. thanks alot guys
  7. That's definitely the source of your problem. Passive exhaust = fail. Good luck man.

  8. Indeed, you are absolutely correct. Perhaps my excitement for the novelty caused me to overlook the fact that a "toy" such as this would be highly unpractical in situations such as the one that money is experiencing here. At the root of this issue lies the one factor, which btw has already been hashed, that is the likely cause of this heat problem: insufficient exhaust.
  9. Dark

    I understand, I was excited too! new tech is always fun to check out. I just like the way the site doesnt show all the extra stuff, just in print! But def would be fun to try out!

    Take care

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