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Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. bought a bubb sherlock for $45 yesterday night, didnt have time to test it cept for one bowl..

    anyways I put it away and woke up, when I pick it up to check it out I drop it and it shatters into like 87321 pieces

    worse part is this is like my 5th lost piece and I have a halfo and nothing to use it out of =./
  2. get a wooden pipe. face it. everything you touch turns to shit or 87321 pieces. :wave:
  3. Yea Hazed, stick with plastic:wave: Jk glass always, but be more careful man new stuff costs money.

  4. invest in a mosterously thick triple blown unbreakable peice, that should atleast survive a 3foot drop when standing up onto a hard floor:p
  5. 87321 pieces eh? you count every one?

    get acrylic or bamboo or somethin like that. or bubble wrap your shit yo! be careful!
  6. get a pyrex piece.
  7. Hazed that sucks man. I'm close to being in your shoes. I bought a beautiful little pink bub a month or so ago. I dropped it Saturday and it broke at the weld. I am going to find out if it can be fixed but I don't have the extra cash this week. It was such a great smoking piece.

  8. Yeh, it sucks to break something that you know is super fragile and you've been trying to look after like that. Well, at least you can still get high with a spare or a ROOR in your case, lol.
  9. Bubble wrap every surface of your entire house. That should do the trick
  10. this worked for a friend of mine...

    small insideout spoon wrapped with electric tape in all the areas away from fire or lip

    net result was a clean burning glass piece that could dink into carkeys without chipping
  11. like my old one was....

    before it fell and broke :eek:

    let this be a lesson... dont boil your glass

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