So High-Wiz Khalifa

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  1. Im addicted to this song literally cant stop listening to it

    Goin Up uh huh Neva Gave Uh Fuck uh huh
  2. Pulling out the 62 and showing up uh huh. That is def one of my favorites from wiz.
  3. 26, guess that mean I'm growing up uh huh. No gain is also super good for motivation and medicated. Blacc Hollywood is a dope album.

  4. Its an addicting song.:)

    Goin Up uh huh Neva Gave Uh Fuck uh huh
  5. Tell a nigga use a grinder for that weed uh huh
    Haha me and my friends always go into McDonalds and shit and just rap some of those verses and then scream uh huh as loud as we can  :laughing:  :smoke:
  6. He performed this song live when he came here and I had just smoked 10gs in 20 minutes, I was SOOOO high.
  7. dammmmn boi that's tighht

  8. Higher than a muthafuker!!! 
    Keep the lyrics going blades, one line at a time.
  9. First thing, uh huh. Wake up out a dream, uh huh.


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