So High Last Night

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  1. Had three different kinds of good quality pot smoked all of it but it was only like a dime to maybe 15 bucks worth. I don't know I didn't weigh it because it was a combination of what we had at the time. Anywho had a fucking awesome night of being high and my friend brought a Mario hat and we decided whoever got greens had to where it.

    Eventually I was high enough to start saying really weird shit, and not get anything done. After this we shot some cans with the airsoft gun, watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, ate tamales watched King of the Hill, played Halo 3, smoked more pot, and then watched Quarantine.

    Fucking awesome night. I feel like its one of the simplest and yet most fun times high I have had in a while. Also before I was stoned we played Guitar Hero Metallica and I sang the Ace of Spades like Mario.

    It was pretty fucking weird.
  2. Couple of my friends and I went to my friends town house, went to thr woods behind the house and toked up. Thn we went to thr movies to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3d. Went back to th house and smoked more and played halo 3/ FIFA/ madden while drinking coke zero and pink lemonade. So funny cause somewhere in there we go to taco bell and start shooting the gun app on my ipod, needless to say we were cracking up so bad while the dude was asking us what we wanted to order and couldn't stop for ag least 5 min. Anyways, my friend kept screaming and freaking out cause hr couldve sworn that the beans in his taco were the guys poop. So good haha

  3. thats intense, how was cloudy with a chance high....
  4. Pretty sick, that and 9 are probly the best to see high right now
  5. They even advertise that movie to stoners...they say munchies in the commercial.
  6. me and my friends did a bubbler sesh then headed straight to the movies for cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3d too. it was actually a really good movie. really funny in my opinion. it was awesome
  7. Seeing it later this week, so pumped! Going to go nuts on the constession stands prior
  8. i really wanna see that movie too.
    But all my friends are like nawww, its only in 3D for marketing, and it sucks, and im like yall are really pessimistic stoners. but i really wanna see that movie.oh well.
  9. First of all i thought that movie sounded dumb as shit. lol. Mayb I'll rent it now cuz all you blades seem to like it.

    How in the hell do you get high off of 3 different good weeds when you only had like 15 dollars worth? My part of this country (U.S.) it will cost 20 dollars a gram. So you didnt even have a gram. (Please explain if it was mids or dank.)

    This is how last night went for me. I had enough money to buy some dro (dank cuz most of you hate the word dro. I'll use dank from now on.) I got an eighth of weed, and conveniaently sometimes the kid and his girl have xanax, or some other pill of the sort. So i bought just a school bus of them. Me and my friend smoked two bowls on the way back home. Hit up another one of the kids I buy from. We hop in their truck, and cruise to a back road to smoke. We smoked about 6-8 bowls. They had some kill also. We just kept matchin on bowls.

    Then we left them, and picked up a friend at his house to come back to mine. We sat outside and smoked 2-3 bowls with him. We had a friend comin down from Wisconsin that works up there. He stopped by his house down here to pick up his younger bro. We then smoked about the last 3 bowls I had with them in about 10 min before my mom came back from work.
  10. LMAO! Ace of Spades in a Mario voice. you should of video taped it and put it on youtube!
  11. Pretty easily man Oregon weed is dank. Also I had a small t-break, and I've only been a pot connoisseur like a year and a half now. So my tolerance may be a little below many of you guys. There was only three of us too and we had been used to smoking with like 8 people for a month. Bong hits also so I got pretty high.

    I didn't think about putting it on youtube because it was spur of the moment. Wouldn't be hard to do again though. Also it was over a gram boyo. My dealer is my friend as well.

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