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So here is what happened...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by archelios, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I walked over to my bros house today and the door is always open so i just walked in. I called his name but got no answer, so I walked into his room.

    When I walked in I saw my friend completely naked, covered in peanut butter and weed, and surrounded by 3 bongs and 6 empty jars of skippy. He was unconscious.

    the fuck?
  2. Well he was trying to get you to lick it off I guess???? Did you
  3. dude make firecrackers!!
  4. sounds like someone had a good night
  5. no pic no proof
  6. I imagine he thought putting weed in peanut butter would make cannabutter, and then he thought it'd be a good idea to absorb it on his skin.
  7. Ahh it's cool dude he was doing a ritual sacrifice...............Tell him to get help........i think he got raped :eek:
  8. He said something about losing his wallet when I woke him up, then he ran to the bathroom and threw up a bunch so i left
  9. he was high on pills or your lying
  10. Stop trying to one up the dude jerkin off infront of his friend, YOU LOSE!

  11. He said he lost his wallet or his dog? lol
  12. Grab the bud and book it.

  13. Here is detective Sirsogs reenactment of what happened.

    This dude got all drunk, with some friends, and lost his wallet, then got rage drunk mad about it and made a dick of himself, but he was drunk, so whatever. However, there were likely other drunk people in the same place, which lead to him passing out at some point and the great idea of coating him in nut butter and throwing his weed all over seemed like a great idea to them, because they were drunk lol
  14. Sounds like he had a good night.
  15. No picture? I would have taken one. Thats just me though.

  16. a pic of a fat naked guy. naa no thx
  17. this is dum

  18. you didnt have to read it or post here lol

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