So here is my plant PART II

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  1. this is my plant of 2 months and a half. I've started her on flowering about 4-5 days ago. Still no money into this plant. She is healthy and trimmed . But I have noticed red on the beginning of each leaf and continues down to green stem gradiently I don't know what it is, but I'm not worried. If someone knows that would be interesting.


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  2. Jesus, that is one whispy plant.
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    You need more light and better aeration in your soil.

    Also plants need nutrients, yours looks hungry.
  4. Looks held captive by isis !
  5. get 4 bamboo sticks or something likewise,
    tie your plants around with some soft rubber wiring, those stems wont hold the buds.
    you gotta take off some of the lower shoots, they are taking away energy from the top half of the plant, where all the big nugs are.. who wants little ones...
    Lift your lamp up, your burning your plants, thats the curlines and yellowy at the top.
  6. Well, its still got its head... *___* (too soon?)

    So, basically he should do everything differently?

    I concur.
  7. I just don't understand why you would grow an illegal plant and not try and get a decent yield off that girl.

    Is risk/reward a difficult concept?
  8. Yes.

    Fuck yes.

    There's more weight on one of those colas than ten of those whispy plants could produce.

    Nicely done sir!

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