so here i am...

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  1. so here i am sitting in my room. with a sack of bud in front of me...... with no lighter, and nothing to smoke out of, and my parents are using my car because both of them are broken. fuckin sucks, ill probably have to walk to a gas station or something and buy a lighter and papers or something. fuckkk!!!
  2. At least you have bud, man. I'm dry...the lighter and papes are the easy part
  3. hell yeaaaaa, my brother just called and said he rolled up a blunt and asked if i wanted to match. so then he can pick me up and we can smoke then we can buy munchies :D. bad day turned into a good day.
  4. Right? I wish I had bud, I always have lighters and blunt wraps.
  5. i always have bud, lighters, and a bowl to smoke it from.
  6. You can easily make a piece, I would tell you how, but that's the easiest thing in the world to figure out, especially being on this forum and having access to google....

    As far as a flame?

    1. take a piece of something flammable, turn on your oven, light the material.

    2. Solar hits?

    Or you could always just call up a buddy for a favor?

    Ever heard of hot-knifing?

    : Well, you obviously handled it...
  7. rub 2 sticks together
  8. Soda can/ Foil pipe? Not the best choice but it works.

    Toothpick on stove.
  9. ive been there before.
  10. thats why i never let my vaporizer out of the house :D

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