So, Here Comes The Perversion Of Evil

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I think I made a mistake in putting my registry name in, cause it don't look quite right, missin a letter. But oh well, you all can call me Poe. The reason that I'm here is because I was directed here by a man whom I consider to be a online friend and mentor. The deal with me is that I am trying, and very weakly I might add, to revolutionize this poor Planet before it all goes to crap. So, while GrassCity is the place to go to talk about your favorite green herb (which I will do while I'm here), my main objective in coming here was to recruit members for my pitiful forums (which are free, by phpbbforfree), and try to get some people out there 'preaching the grave gospel of desolation should this world continue falling into the Dark Future'.

    At this point I have no web site to show you, and when I do it will be a geocity unless I get that card I need and a web programmer. I don't know what your policy is on links in people's posts, so I will now ask,

    I got banned from a now not so cool site dealing with Final Fantasy some time ago, just for posting a link. Somehow, they have even got a hold of my other emails and banned those too... or like, it could be the ISP thinger.

    Sooo, my group is called "People's Dominion", and we advocate a non violent revolution and advancement of the whole big wide world. I have learned a lot from Technocracy, but at the same time I can't help but feel a little bestraggled by the massive concept of technocracy because it is so similiar to what I had in mind since I first learned what a republic was. But, along with the revolution comes acceptance of the jolly green herb and all who toke it, so maybe you guys wouldn't mind parading around the chat rooms and trying to convince people to get together and build the Planet's first, what technocracy calls, 'Urbanate'. My most recent plan is a lot like the old violent idea, in that we 'strike' the small rural areas first. But instead of doing bad things, we buy up about a hundred acres, dig a bit, put up a roof and stuff, and have something much like the old hippy communes only way more high tech and better an stuff.

    So... I await your response, whoever will, and prolly later tomorrow I will post something about the philosophy I carried for toking then and now! Muh hah hah!

    And I an in my early twenties, so I am old enough to be here, okies?
  2. whats good man
  3. Welcome to the city! :wave:
  4. Hello! Thanks for letting me stay.

    What's good? Oh, I guess what's good, for me, is that I got a new comp, one that will never touch the Net and be hacked and all my ideas ripped off. I dunno if that's what's been happening, but now I can finally settle in to write a novel without worries, and still have access to the Net. I got it for $115, so it was really sweet. And I got Warcraft ready to go on it, but even though it dont' have speakers and can't play the music, I get to laugh my butt off at these minions of mine addressing me as "My Leige?" "Your command, my Lord?"

    Thanks for the welcome. I gotta admit, I was hopin that more people would have read the thread, and maybe said something about the People's Dominion. And noone did answer my question about links, so I ask again...
    Can I post links?

    I won't post a link until I get the new Geocity done, which will have a brief on the PD structure and how it is to operate online and off. But, this looks like a damn fine site, so I'll be reading into it a bit and posting some new stuff. Right now I'm gonna go to Oz and do some RP.

    See ya later, guys!

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