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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by viking tyty, May 4, 2006.

  1. lol its not called a 400W HPS for nothing, its 400 watts bro;)
  2. sorry, i forgot he said that.
  3. I dont understand what your asking. If you have an air cooled hood on your light then it hooks up to it with something like a dryer hose. if you dont have an air cooled light then it doesnt hook up. What light do you have or are you going to get? (And what reflector?)
  4. oh, i was just confused because i didn't know lights had coolers and all that.
  5. give me the demininsions of your closet... do you have a venting area [ a vent to the roof or something] do you live with your parents??? how often can you tend to them?? is your closet floor carpet or tile??? is the outside air supply. suffecient to cool a 400 ,s heat, given the capacity of the exaust fan combination???? this closet must be empty.. no more clothes go in there... is that o.k.????? answer these q,s and ill help you fellow.. the best i can

    you aint got no help so far you wanna see what i did to my closet just so you dont think im blowing smoke out of my ass let me know what you think. the deminisions are the main thing fellow... be ready to drop. about. 300.00 - ? dollars for lights,fans,odor control substances,paint 4 the walls, ferts,soil mixes, e.t.c. ill help you:wave:
  6. well that link didnt work for me... anyhow its in the grow journal forum . titled under ''''' 5 females in full flower, closet grow '''''''
  7. it won't be in an actual closet, i'll be building something similar to cronaholic's setup.
    aaaand, i don't live with my parents, but i can't give you any more information about my house because i'm not starting my grow til i move to a different house in july... i'm just stocking up on knowledge now, haha.
  8. o.k , thats understandable. i just know a lot of people were telling you wqhat to get.
    but not how to apply the items they were mentioning. very wise move , doing your research first.... good luck with your future grow
  9. thanks man!

    but yeah, let me see if i know how to build this thing.

    start with the initial cabinet. have a hole in the bottom (with fan on it?). then have the plants, then the light, with reflective hood...then the ventilation comes from that hood? and goes through a tube to a vortex fan then out of the side in another hole? will that be a lot of stinky air?
  10. and again
  11. everyone hates me!
  12. Insidesun ripped me off once. Just a headsup.
  13. You can just make a hole in the bottom with no fan.Its called a passive intake.Then for the exhaust Yes is is connected to the hood if you have one thats air cooled then it goes to the blower with ducting then from the blower it goes out of the box .
  14. 1. will smell escape from the passive intake pretty easily?
    2. i'm having trouble finding air cooled hoods, am i looking in the wrong places or what?
  15. If the exhaust is on all the time and you have a filter for the exhaust then no because it will work like a vaccume ..It will pull in with the passive intake and through the filter out of the box. You can get the lights with air cooled hoods at or

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