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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by viking tyty, May 4, 2006.

  1. i've been reading all the guides and do's/don'ts on here, and i think i'm JUST ABOUT ready to begin. BUT, i have a couple of questions first.

    1. if i'm growing in a closet, what is the best kind of fan to get? will i need more than one?
    2. lights. where do i get HPS lights?
    3. whats the best way to control the odor?
    4. strain... is there any particular strain that will grow more weed than other strains? do different strains require different care? should i start off with bag seed just to start...or should i drop like 25 bucks on a bag of seeds (wouldnt that last me a while anyways?)?

    please try to refrain from telling me to use the search button. i'm a forum vet and i know how frustrating it is when n00bs come along and ask dumb questions, but i've searched and searched and found all the answers i need except for these.

    thanks in advance!
  2. just get any fan and get it to blow so it makes the plant tremble just a bit to strengthen its stalk, and for some odor control. hps lights are available at, you can get a 400w for $90. and then get a compatible mh bulb for an extra 40. since its your first time i suggest practicing on bagseed.
  3. should i do it in:

    A) closet (id prefer not to, id rather have my closet for clothes and recording purposes)
    B) build a closet/cabinet type thing
    C) garage

    also, what size bucket/pot should i start it in, and then what size should i finish it in? (would like the highest yield possible =))
  4. I grow in my closet in a a bookcase I got from target I painted it white(mylar is also a good choice and placed black and white poly and a tarpzipup for an instant doorway go with insidesun for the HPS cheapest on the net as for fans you should get one pc fan blowing on the seedlings and one exhaust fan prefarably vortex as for odor control go with a carbon filter they have a combo deal at this site for soil I suggest you go organic get the grow bags there very reliable and while your at it you can get the inline fan for your constant fresh air hope this helps buddy:smoking:
  5. good place to order lights from, they got some good package deals,, they take a money order,, there shipping is so discreet, i give them 5 stars,,,,, i got a 400 hps, with a m.h. conversion bulb , and a timer ,delivered to my door for $205.00 all i had to do was plug it in,,,, nice batwing reflector also,,,,
  6. definitly practice the germination process with bag seed.. Try out a few methods to see what produces the best ratios

    i dunno what garbage weed y'all buy that you get seeds in it, i have NEVER got a seed in my weed... ever lol

  7. haha seriously. i bought a half recently and there was HALF of a seed, haha.
  8. seriously? is this good quality weed y'all are getting? i mean, i usually get White Widow or White Rhino or some high quality hyrdo. Since i am connected with most of the dealers in the area and a few growers, i dont get low quality crap. I had this shit called "sea breeze" and when it burned, it tasted like a mango coconut and couch-locked me for a good 5 hours lol.. amazing shit

  9. A) closet (id prefer not to, id rather have my closet for clothes and recording purposes)

    I did mine in a closet, highly not adviceable...especially when the little guys start to smell... your cloathing will wreak of it!

    B) build a closet/cabinet type thing

    Definitly your best bet. Get a dressor, cut the drawers so its only the facing and glue the facing on so it looks like the drawers are still there (and its light proof) and grow inside it. Have all access (and fan exits) from the back.. ultimate stealth

    C) garage

    NEVER NEVER. climate control, it gets cold at night, and where do you think people check first :)

  10. haha yeah, i've had sea breeze. it's great. i normally never get seeds though either.

    i want to build a closet/cabinet for sure. but now my question moves to fans.
    well first, how many plants should i start with? i'd prefer as many as possible (most likely like 4-6) but i can see how that wouldn't be the best way to start. so, should i start with one? or just start with them all?

    then, fans. say i have 6 plants. how many fans would i need? i know you need some for the stems to move around, and i think you use a fan or two for the lights as well? what size fans do i get? how do i properly ventilate the cabinet? and also, whats the best method for odor control?

    ahh, might as well get all my questions out now. do i start off with flourescent bulbs then switch to HPS? or what? start in a small pot, end in a larger pot, correct?

    that's all i've got for right now. thanks flex, you've helped out a lot so far.
  11. Ok you should definatley start with all 6 . Because some may be hermie. Even if they arent its better because youll have more bud :). Make a grow box thats 3ft wide x 2ft deep x 4-6ft tall. (which gives you 1sq. foot per plant.) Now to the lghts..Either get cfl'c or a 400watt mh for vegging.(ill explain later in this post just incase you dont know what it is).Then for Flowering get a 400watt hps. You should have one 6" clip fan (which can be bought at blowing on your plants to make the stems can get more then one if you want but you only need one.Then get a 265cfm vortex blower for exhaust.If you have an air cooled hood on your light hook it up like this.
    If notdo the same thing without it hooked to the light. Then you can make a carbon filter. which ill post a toutorial later today.And you start with small pots 4-6in. then go to 12" then 2gallon then 5gallon.

    After your seeds germinate plant them and put them under your cfl's or mh. You can either let them grow for 1-2 weeks on 12/12 or just start vegging right away and put the lights on them for 18/6 or 24/0 i prefer 18/6. Then you go into flowering (they will grow alot taller so if you want a small plant switch to flowering when they are 8-12in.) Where the lights are on them for 12/12.
  12. thanks!

    i'd like the plants to be as big/healthy as possible, producing as much bud as possible. any certain way to make sure that happens?

    also, excuse me if it's already been stated (it's late), but where do i buy the lights? i need to get an idea of how much the metal hallide and the HPS are going to cost.

    and when i build the grow space, how do i properly ventilate it? i think once i get that covered, i'll be ready to start!
  13. Get the lights online at And the fan (265scf vortex blower)at ventilation ill draw a diagram right now for you.ill post it in like 5mins,
  14. it's too little for me to read:(
  15. also, will i need to buy a metal hallide kit AND a HPS kit? or just the metal halide kit and then replace the bulb with a HPS bulb?
  16. is the ventilation just part of the light? thats what it looks like.

    should i just blatantly rip off that setup? haha

    oh and if i did ( or something like it), what wattage light would i get?

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