so happy! la la la ramblings!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone!!!! High everyone!!!!

    I just wanted to say how happy I was today, have you ever just felt reaaaaaaaaaally randomly happy??

    lol, maybe its becuase my book came in the mail today.."The Nature of Personal Reality" and you know how it is getting mail! its like getting a gift!! (lol, that I paid for!!)

    And maybe im happy cause I well, I got lazy and didnt put in my order for my usual quarter early enough, and Ive been dry for about a week now...and Its finally gonna be here tomorrow!! yea!!!

    and maybe its cause being at the beach is just a wonderful thing! come to think of it...what am I doing here?!?! lol..I guess I just wanted to share my happiness with you all..!

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    lol. l have no idea how l found this post ?

    but the 30th of june is my eldest sons birthday so l,am happy every 30th of june since 1977.

    to bad l didn,t find this post 2 years ago then it would have been all 30,s.


    p.s. unoit asked were critter2 has been .

    l think the site has got to big to handle critter2.

    lol, to much of a looose cannon me thinks,lol.

    pps to much port, arhhhhhhhhhhh never,lol.

    we just got 1" of rain after 4 days over 100 deg.

    after 4 days of eating cold food we gonna get some hot food tonight,

    drink more port and smoke more pot my friends and life will be good.

    got a new horse the other day,nice 15.2 hh bay,ex pacer.

    trevor the lamb got stood on by chip the trotter.

    is that enough ramblings ???
  3. speaking of getting mail - i get so excited when I have good mail.

    but today sucked. What sucks more than getting no mail? Getting a stupid card from Chase telling me I could get $100 for opening an account.

    Except, I already have an account. With this address.

    Also, wtg on the 8 year old thread ;)
  4. theres a shit load of dust on this thread.

  5. And not the good dust, like on a bottle of wine.
  6. glad ur happy....... motherfuckers like me still have 2 deal with this real thing we call life shit is dirty n confusing , got me triple thinking..


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