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so happy...floating on cloud...50!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Apr 11, 2003.




    TONS of girls

    TONS of WEED!
    im having an orgasm !
    im so fkin geeked bout goin to the 50 cent concert, already madeplans with a certain gc person to get cheify at the concert with em lol
    ludacris n clipse are also gonna be there!
    dunno how many of ya like rap
    but those who do..I know you wanna be there :)

    just felt I needed to share how fuckin great this is gonna be with all of yas
    april 28th
    ill post here the 29th..if I remember :p
  2. Stylez!!! I'm glad you're happy, dude!!...and you must be really happy to be having an O at the City! ;) Have fun!!!
  3. lol, I always have an O at the city ;)

    usually is accompanied by an O of weed tho! :)
  4. hey Stylez...I hope you have lots of fun!!!!

    You gotta take pictures :D
  5. nice, i might go to a luda concert tommorrow night cuz alot of my friends got tickets, but that shits gonna be hott

  6. cant bring cameras :/
    going to anyway tho!!!
    anyone got ideas for sneakin cameras in? :p
  7. I herd 50 cent got shot in the back of the head at a dance club
  8. have fun at the concert! life would be so boring without live-acts. hmm, i would be out of a job then too :)

    Smuggling J's into concerts:

    - Socks is good.
    - Taped to body. under the biceps or inner thigh is good. don't wear a t-shirt or shorts if doing this...
    - Hidden in hair, requires big hair though.
    - In (big) wallet.
    - In trousers under the belt, just make a small cut right under the belt. it's usually a double-liner, making a nice stash pocket.
  9. how badly did i get high and forget about public enemy's uk tour until it by faaar sold out...?

  10. bluntsmoker - he better not have, or i need some money back ;P

    zy - thx alot, all them should help tons!!
  11. That sounds pretty awesome. I wish I could go. Oh well, have enough fun for the both of us, ok?

    and I saw Luda live once, I dont like him that much, but he was tight as shit live
  13. dude i think i might get tickets to the exact same show in richmond on the 22 or 29, i forgot which one

  14. you don't? i just did the lights for a gorgoroth concert, there were tons of girls there, lol. all dressed in black, many with some tight leather pants and shit, and huge shoes with more chrome on them than an average 60' car.

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