So Growers... Think this is true?

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    I've never grown weed indoors or anything, but it honestly sounds true to me, bet it uses a lot of electricity to grow
  2. 1 percent of all energy used in the U.S. is used for growing marijuana, which is equivalent to roughly 5 billion dollars.
  3. Sure but doesnt anything? My HPS light is 400w. When I play my Xbox those peak at 300 watts or more depending on the model, my 42 inch TV uses over 200 watts, then I have a 500 watt 5.1 Surround sound system. I play for 2-3 hours a day.

    Lets migrate to my computer it has a 1.2kilowatt power supply thats 1200 watts, then a LCD, then a speaker system.

    You can break down anything and come up with a poster for it.
  4. that poster isn't 100% true(or is true if you wanna accept their ability to use any variable they want) based on a couple simple things

    "1 joint" isn't a measurement, a joint could have .6 grams, 1 gram, 1.5 grams etc.,

    "emissions associated with 1 kilo of weed" is compared to a 44 mpg car... but emissions from a car is based on more than its mpg, run an emissions test on two cars of the same year make and model and they can come out with different readings

    they mention 1 plant would use 70 gallons of diesel fuel for generators... but most of the people who would run generators are doing so because its illegal to grow weed, so thats a byproduct of prohibition... and doesn't even relate to people who are using regular power... and how many gallons of fuel does a nascar race use? but thats fine right?

    and beyond everything else there isn't a set amount of energy needed to grow weed, different growers get different amounts of weed per watt, this poster is propaganda at its finest
  5. Not to mention those of us using cfls...
  6. Comedy all the way...

    Even if its all spot on true, who gives a fudge? I don't feel bad for putting on my coffee and toast in the morning, or for sitting and typing this post! If it was legal no one would have to grow indoors - but its not, so we can't!

    Besides, the electric companies have the money / power to invest in greener technologies... if I had a spare 15k id go solar - but I dont!

    I'm more bothered about the plastic drinks bottles and landfills than I am keeping a light on! Granted we should all keep costs down to make things greener, but Im not gonna live in a tree in some mountains somewhere in case I use some electric....

    Lastly, how much energy do you think it used to make that poster? 600w/ph computer? + price to run the servers to upload it? How many computers were on to design adobe photoshop? At least growin green has a purpose and an economy behind it...
  7. its for the kids.
  8. if it were all led would cut this to below 10%
  9. It's all bullshit. That's like me buying weed is funding terrorism. Well if terrorists are law abiding middle class americans then yes. Don't believe everything you read. It's called "propaganda" Hitler used it with devastating results!!!
  10. this looks like a poster designed by Henry J Anslinger for a reefer madness Promo! Its just another way to try to imprint falsehoods in the public. Grow,Smoke,and be happy!!!!

  11. I think you can take this even further if you consider:

    1. If there is 1% of truth to 'buying on street = supporting terrorism, then by default, growing your own is combating said terrorists by taking away that much market share.

    2. It's 100% legal for producers of alcohol to saturate the American market with plenty of products, which if consumed beyond what the law allows vis a vis operating a car, could lead to mulitple deaths. Nobody's banning beer at last check. They tried, it didn't work out so well.

    3. If our product was made legal and taxed sensibly, the US could be talking about a balanced budget instead of deficits that will never be balanced. Swap hemp for corn and now you have an alternative fuel that makes sense.

    Liklihood of #3 ever happening? LOLz
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    Wow....i love this post...well thought and executed....wish I was on a computer to give you rep
  13. I would like to see it decriminalized. I don't want the gov makin perfectly rolled joints, blunts, and whathaveyou.
  14. i just seen today on nat geo were like gonna start sending baloons too mars to capture helium for energy

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