So glad I havent vacuumed in weeks.

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  1. Carpet weed. Yup. Just happened. Was all bummed about being out of weed until I grabbed a fleshlight and started crawling around my room. I felt like a baby bear looking for scraps of meat. I came upon a few fresh dank nuts that I must have dropped when I was flying high in the sky like a paper airplane. Now, it's time to ride that high like I'm surfing on like a wave.

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  2. crackhead status bro, you've reached it
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Been there, done that.
  5. Yea, he said fleshlight...
  6. Maybe in my early days... :laughing:
  7. Lol what the flying fuck. A fleshlight? Lol... jizzy weed.
  8. Lol what the flying fuck. A fleshlight? Lol... jizzy weed.
  9. fleshlight hahahaha
  10. This thread is win hahaha
  11. A few fresh dank nuts he dropped on the carpet? This is why you triple check shit you post from your phone
  12. Fat phones pist thing just gone cuz autocorrect got my back
  13. lol I did a double take at "fleshlight"  :hello:
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    Eh, not that weird.
  15. I've only ever done this one time, and it was a good .6 nug that I had lost while high and couldn't find until about a month later. It was all right, wasn't amazing but still got me high
  16. fully seasoned

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