so glad i cleaned my glass v. pictures

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  1. i just cleaned my pipes! pink one is christine kushing, blue one doesnt have a name...




    clean glass is [​IMG]
  2. i could only find 70% alcohol but it still works
  3. nice pieces the pink on is fucking sick bro
  4. the zoom is nice but that bow is fucking amazing!
  5. zoom?
  6. i use 50% cause its cheaper and guess what, it works just as good as the higher % ones

  7. cool i couldn't find any above 70% at safeway
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    try looking at the cheap drug stores(Rightaid, cvs, dollar stores), i buy a 16oz bottle for like 1$, its only 50% but u get 2x as much and works just as good as the higher percentage stuff ive bought..

    Alls i do is just put my glass pieces in a ziplock bag, add the alcohol and salt and shake, comes clean in a few minutes..
  9. haha so fresh and so clean clean.
  10. pink glass looks like a dildo

  11. ^ penises on the brain [​IMG]
  12. he said dildo, your the one who said penis :p

  13. steamroller - i'd never heard that before either. i guess when you let go of the carb, all the smoke goes "zoom" into your lungs, more so than other pipes...?
  14. I like the pink one the best. Just imo.
  15. Nice, I love to milk a clean steamroller.
  16. Taking that first hit out of freshly cleaned class is so rewarding man, smart move on your part.
  17. dildos are synthetic penises bro
  18. another picture

  19. you won't believe how dirty the blue one was before i cleaned it

  20. geez, it needed to be cleaned. the colors stand out a lot more now that it is.:D

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