so GC which one

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  1. purely on looks which is better?



  2. Sorry man, I don't know much about bikes, but I would say that green one looks more stacked than the red.
  3. I also dont know bikes but I like the pretty red one...
  4. First.

    Edit: The exhaust on the second looks sick.

    Edit Edit: If you did the paint on the second, well done.
  5. What kind of bike is the red one?

    based on looks, if you were to put some decals on the red one and make it look sweeter Id go for that one. Not a big fan of ninjas, I'm a GSX-R guy myself.
  6. the red is an f2 i used to own it built it frame up as well. picking the zx7 up in a week or so.
  7. oh for people who dont know and want to the green is a zx7 and the red one is a cbrf2

  8. thanks,i painted it in a professional booth. im thinking of going into building custom bikes/engines
  9. Ive got a F3 myself. I love my bike. Its my first one, and im gonna keep it for a while. its pretty rare. Although im partical to the kawi. The only thing i dont like about the older cbr's is the OEM rectifiers are junk pretty much. both bikes have nice exhaust. that muzzy looks expensive, and that shorty on that F2 is nice.
  10. green kawi hands down is fucking sick

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