So GC....What would you do if you broke ........

Discussion in 'General' started by SpiffyDeezy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. both your arms, both your legs, your jaw. all your fingers, and all your toes??

  2. lay there until a) some one feeds me or b) I die of thirst if water isn't readily available without a whole lot of pain.

    All my life I've always taught myself to cope with pain just because it's a mind game. If you can block it out, no matter what it takes, do it. I subconsciously pass out from pain and I love it. IT makes me feel high. Not that I get hurt a lot but this has happened twice in the last two weeks. I woke up in my living room after getting some ice nearly 1 minute after I dominated the end of my finger I woke up on the floor slowly kind of wondering where I was and also hallucinating. It was awesome!
    Still nursing all my wounds though.
  3. gonna chop off my finger real quick....i wanna hallucinate too!!
  4. hope my nurse gives blowjobs
  5. that shit would still be so painful lol
  6. Have someone stick a vape whip in my mouth
  7. Shoot myself...?
  8. be real fucked up on all kinds of drugs :D:D:D:D
  9. How ?
    How ?
  10. If I become that, may be I will crazy!!!:cool:
  11. oxycodone liquid is how.
  12. Try and find another way to masturbate
  13. i would shit myself in anger
  14. Holy crap, this had me laughing like an idiot.
  15. I would be chillllllin eatin' pills watching movies, making the best of being laid up :hello:

    & for a while, yo. I'm sure that shit would take weeks upon weeks to heal.
  16. Dam how would you explain that

    I would mess around with the nurses. when my grandpa has surgery me and him switched his room and everything and then buzzed the buzzer in his old room.
    it was funny
  17. I would probably be laying in bed, in pain...

  18. because they would know i was pissed+they would be pissed that they had to clean up my shit

  19. u just made me spit a mouthful of water on keyboard.
  20. as long as my dick is still in tact, its all good..

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