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  1. So here's my story, it might be slightly lengthy, but I've been sober for 3 months.

    Around 4 months ago my dad caught on to my drinking/partying scene, didn't go over well. He locked down my social life, and every thing included. After about a month he backed off slightly. But he left me with a daunting notion, "I'm going to drug test you randomly, I'm not gonna give you any warning"

    So now fast forward 3 months, he HASN'T tested me yet, but, I'm not about to toke up considering with my luck, the test will be the next day.

    So i'm in a conundrum.

    I'm not going to be able to do anything testable, but Sober life is a miserable life, it really is.

    I'm asking for something legal, obviously it won't be anything near as gratifying as the herb, but I just want something to keep me sane.

    Salvia? I've done alot of reading and it's pretty easy to get where I live. Now i've never tried it before but i'm willing to, and considering how intense it is, I might become a fan. But is it something I can smoke up before school? I understand the few minute peak, but are there any lingering feelings that'll last me part of the day? Is it something I can smoke every day and still feel great throughout the day?

    I've decided not to waste any money on that legal bud shit, i've heard nothing but bad things.

    I'm not a fan of any hard drugs, so I stray from that...

    But seriously GC, advice is desperately needed. From one bro to another (or gal) I just need something.
  2. salvia is not an every day thing

    makes you trip

    DEFINATELY not to be done before school

    try pain killers

    now THOSE are fun to do before school

    even durring
  3. Im going to start by saying you should do any drugs before school. Its really not worth it man.

    Salvia is good but you really should do it with someone who has already for the first time. You can usually trip for up to 25 minutes.

    DXM is good also but you'll defitnely trip alot longer depending on the quantity and your body weight.

    Honestly the safest drug you can take is Marijuana.
  4. Salvia is a good substitute until the ganja is able. I would recommend 5x if your going to get it. Its not extremely strong yet strong enough for you not to be bored. And its not an everyday thing, more like 2 maybe 3 times every week or so. I was in your predicament b4, and Sally saved me. :D
  5. hey, alcohol is only in your body for 24 hrs

    take that back up

    and you're 18 (supposedly)

    so tell your dad to shove off
  6. I'm going to to be the dick..(because you sound young)..listen to your dad.. no drugs. That being said.. if you can't obey it.. alcohol as was previously mentioned or shrooms. Pot stays in your system too long and coke isn't something you want to get into.
  7. Could always buy some spice diamond but its a bit pricey
  8. What is a good replacement..... Ill tell you

    Pills: Xanax, Percs, In Genereal - Pain Killers
    Fake Bud: Spice gold or diamond (look for reviews it is legit!)
    Drank: Syrup (Purple, Red, or Yellow)

    Thats what i would do if you cant drink or smoke

  9. 100% against Xanax.. if you take if for any length of time the fall is very bad.
  10. I took xanax for awhile don't know why though, never really got me "High" just made me sleepy.
  11. whip-its bro. basically nitrous oxide put into a balloon then you deeply breethe into the balloon like you would with gives you a pretty intense high for about a minute but it wears off completely

    doesn't come close to the green tho man
  12. Thanks for the input guys, I'm going to go ahead and get some salv to try, I'll see how I like it, maybe I can move on from there.

    As for pills, aren't most of those testable?
  13. Salvia.. do it with a sitter the first time .... as for pills, depends on the pill.. most only last a few days though.

  14. hell yeah

    do a whole bunch and you'll start to hallucinate
  15. Try searching the forum for Spice Diamond. I know lots are skeptical but the stuff seriously works, and gets me just as high as weed (and the high is VERY similar and longer lasting).
  16. you're wasting your time. nothing is a safe as MJ. and nothing will ever come close to it
  17. Toker, bro I know nothing is as safe or can come near, but I have no choice! That's why I was asking for the nearest alternative I can get. I can cope with lesser material
  18. But you DO have a choice. Just be sober. It's not the end of the world.

  19. yea man where im from we get them in these small canisters and you usually only do one at a time..but one time me and a friend were bored and did 4 in one balloon each..we were trippin' balls for a few good minutes.

    it helps when you listen to some music with some heavy bass while doing it. it makes it sound amazing
  20. Spice, ChillenXXX, and something 99

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