so GC... how has ur day been?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. well mine has been fantastic so far... its been soooooooooooo nice here 65+ degrees everyday in mass for like past 2 weeks... so today i had to do a lil yard work for a person my dad works worth... they only live down the road so, my friend came over and we smoked a bowl outside b4 we went... we got ther & worked for bout 3 hours.... it was so easy just.. shovelin mulch and droppin it in piles for her to spread out later.. and jus throwin leaves and shit in the woods... she even bought us pizza to eat and at the ned we each got $30 for workin...and now we're gonna go pick up a half O haha...

    pffft... and they say stoners are lazy??? fuuuck dat we worked our ass off
  2. haha nice I know what you mean about the weather I live in Southern NH. sounds like a good day so far halfies are always nice thats crazy you can get a half for $60 though I pay 115 and fuckin right we'll work our asses off. we should blaze sometime get back at me
    I'm aboutto roll a spliff with my girl and burn that shit from end to end my days been boring so far but it'll get better
  3. im smokin some sour deisel. :smoking:
  4. Same here man.

    Beautiful up in toronto.

    I work outside (well, in the elements) and it's SO refreshing to go to work in a tshirt and you actually get to see the sun before the grind starts.

    I also arranged an extremley good hookup for 4/20 today, so thats just a bonus.

    Unfortunatley, i didn't smoke. But you dont have to smoke everyday to be happy :D

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