So GC, have drugs disappointed you??

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  1. I've had many great experiences with certain drugs, but for others I can not say the same. What I am asking is have drugs lived up to their name or have they been a lot less potent then they are worked up to be??

    To me some have been disappointed, but others have been more than I could ask for.

    Howsa 'bout you?
  2. Diphenhydramine. Could never stay awake long enough to really feel it.
  3. purple drank was pretty weak and i think taking four mg's of xanax wasn't too fun. i remember some parts but definitely not all. the euphoria was good but i don't remember. have yet to try others lol. gonna pop some x on friday and they are the shalky white g's up ho's down and people love those so i should too. :p
  4. the things that hear about most drugs weather good or bad are mostly tru,so know drugs dont disappoint me unless there bunk,cause i usually know whats gonna happen
  5. i don't think you get what he's saying.... it's a personal preference not what someone tells you
  6. Ecstacy, valium, flexaril, and NUTMEG.
  7. x disappointed you :( that stinks man for me its pretty good, i would hate to not have that in my arsenal... what else would i be able to do every friday night? lol
  8. It makes me grind my teeth a shitload, and rolling just feels really akward for me. It's just not my favorite feeling, too emotional and shit.
  9. ya i don't even feel rolls anymore,and whats wrong with being emotional
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    I don't like being really emotional and having that vulnerable feeling, but that's just me.

    I prefer to stay clearheaded (why I love amphs & uppers) and like to be able to make grounded decisions.
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    yeah i know what you mean about the emotion shit. i always reflect and im just like damn why did i say that. i keep good control now especially compared to my early days lol. the less i say the less i can fuck up.

    oh, and i ESPECIALLY understand the grinding part... the other night i rolled... i broke a fucking molar... i can feel the inside of the tooth, as in root shaft or whatever, and it's starting to hurt now more and more. gotta go to the dentist this week :(

  12. maan. that sux. what you going to tell him.
  13. damm bro that sucks,looks like that karma is already getting to u
  14. Manly bar fight
  15. LOL actually i have a legit reason, as it was because i was chewing gum and talking.... i guess i cant multitask and basically my jaw moved sideways when i clamped down and i broke off a piece... man it hurts more thinking about it lol.
  16. yeah i dont mind e but i dont enjoy it that much. i dont feel comfortable in my own skin because of it lol. maybe its just cause i blaze when i pop, but probably not
  17. nah i blaze a lot too when im rolling anymore, eases things a bit, i like to just enjoy the sensations. it's hard for me to imagine not liking it but i can kind of understand why the more unpleasant parts would turn many people off. always helps to have the benzo's too though :)
  18. drugs have made me, as twisted as it sounds.
  19. Honestly, no drug has ever dissapointed me, but I have dissapointed myself with the way I deal with some drugs. When I find a high I really like, I try to stay that way for as long as possible and as often as possible. I'm still a senior in high school but I've already been addicted to speed and opiates a few times and binged on acid for 3 weeks plus ingested every drug thats come into this town over the past 2 years. Only 1/4 of those experiences are ones I remember or that actually taught me something. The rest of it was just wasted time and me throwing my youth away. Drugs are supposed to enhance your life, not be your life, and thats something I wish I believed before I started getting heavy into shit.
  20. you aren't the only one bro

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